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RE: [IPk] Possible Nerve Damage?

Dear Claire,
Slightly late in the conversation I know so apologies for that but I dont
often have time to write any emails to the group but some of the symptoms and
stuff you said reminded me of something that happens to me...
I notice you say until you went on the pump your control was quite poor. I
have always had high blood sugars (hba1c 9-12%!!) so whenever I regain good
control I notice I feel very unwell for several months. Sometimes the symptoms
have last for about 8 months at which point I often give in and start pushing
my blood levels back up again just so I feel "well" again. I obviously am not
recommending this course of action and I know I am giving myself further
complications in the future. However, I also note that my Retinopathy and
Gastroparesis worsen considerably when I initially lower my glucose readings.
Often its as if all the symptoms I should have with high glucose happen with
normal glucose levels?! I know there is always an adjustment period when
stabilisng levels but as I said my symptoms last months and make me very
unwell. The Gastroparesis is a particular problem for me as the only time it
doesnt bother me (severe vomitting all the time) is when I maintain my levels
above 15.
I have not started on the pump yet (now start date is for June) but it is
something I am very worried about. I want good control for my future health
but I know I will never feel well (even after months) and will suffer from the
symptoms you have mentioned and many more! The "full" head and dizziness, loss
of concentration etc. are all very prominent when my sugars are level too.
Even as I write this I feel stupid as I expect most people will think I just
havent given it long enough after a life-time of high glucose levels but I
really have tried to cope with the "side-effects" but they just dont ease up!
I hope your symptoms dont last much longer though Claire but thought Id write
as there seemed to be some similarities!

Hilly> To: email @ redacted> From: email @ redacted> Subject: [IPk]
Possible Nerve Damage?> Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2008 09:08:06 +0100> > Insulin
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contribution will eliminate this header from your IP mail> > Hi all,> > I am
just wondering if anyone has or is suffering in the same way as > me, possibly
due to having had diabetes for a long time (I have had > type 1 for 38 years
now). I have been suffering with feelings of > being off-balance, confusion
and lack of concentration on and off now > for about 18 months (sometimes
badly for a few days or weeks, and > sometimes not too bad). These feelings
occur whatever level my BG is > at (low, normal or high). Initially I had
various tests done by my > GP (e.g. ENT check, thyroid problems, iron
deficiency, blood > pressure), I also stopped all unnecessary medication
(obviously not > insulin!). All tests came back as being fine, I then had an
MRI scan > on my brain (and yes, they did find one in there), but again no
signs > of anything unusual.> > My DSN has suggested it may be due to the
diabetes, perhaps being due > to having better control since going doing the
DAFNE course (known as > DAFYDD here in Wales), and since taking Glucophage
for insulin > resistance, and then the pump, these things helping towards
better > control. My diabetic control was never very good prior to the pump >
and 38 years of higher blood sugars (typical HBa1c was around 9 > then) might
mean that my body is still not used to these lower BG's. > I have been on the
pump now for 7 months, and I was hoping that these > symptoms would start to
go, but I am going through a bad patch again > currently. The DSN has said it
may take up to a year to feel better, > which may be the case.> > It has been
suggested that it could be due to nerve damage from > having diabetes for so
long, but that normally this does not occur in > the brain until after you
have experienced nerve damage elsewhere in > the body (e.g. foot problems -
mine are regularly checked and > absolutely fine).> I do however have diabetic
eye retinopathy and have had loads of > laser treatment in both eyes.> >
Anyone out there experienced this, and if so, did it go away and how > long
did it take? Perhaps it's just me though.> > Clare> (Type 1 for 38 years,
pumping 7 months, Paradigm 522)> .>
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