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Re: [IPk] Possible Nerve Damage?

I'm not sure it is anything to do with either being on a pump or  
having been diabetic a long time. I had this feeling/sense/symptoms  
the most the first year after i was diagnosed. I thought at the time  
it was because i had become so tuned it to how i was feeling (ie  
always wondering if i was feeling shaky etc) so that i was overly  
tuned in to any sensations. then i began to think it was the stress of  
highs and lows - like most i had been really ill when diagnose so i  
assumed my body was just stressed and maybe deficient in some mineral  
or something.

For me this feeling occurs the two weeks AFTER my period - i rarely  
have it before. At its worst it would last ten days to two weeks. Now  
generally its a lot better but if i have it it usually still is the  
two weeks after my period. I do take codliver oil, magnesium and  
vitamin tablets (not religiously because i'm not overly convinced of  
their value but when i remember. maybe they are helping who knows. Of  
course we could all be talking about different things - but the  
symptoms seem similar... and yes its the kind of thing that in its  
mild form you don't mention to a doctor for fear of them thinking  
you're a hypochondriac.


On 15 Apr 2008, at 19:12, Clare Price wrote:
> Hi Mary,  I know you have also mentioned before about the feeling of  
> being off balance you've had since being on the pump.  I've  
> definitely had that big time.  Let's hope that over time our bodies  
> will get used to this better control and acclimatize.  Initially I  
> was just doing BG tests all day long as I couldn't work out what was  
> wrong, until I realised it didn't seem to relate to BG level as such  
> at that specific time.  I'm just glad however that BG levels are  
> generally much better than before which must be beneficial to better  
> health for the future.  Thanks for your response.
> Clare
> On 15 Apr 2008, at 18:00, Mary Moody wrote:
>> I have this problem too. My head feels kind of full at the back - and
>> sometimes sort of headachy - really hard to describe the feeling.  
>> Lack of
>> concentration can often be a problem - and difficulty in just  
>> focusing. BG's
>> don't seem to be a factor as it can happen whatever they are. This  
>> afternoon
>> was convinced I was low when I had the feeling and was in fact 7.6!  
>> Was very
>> thirsty though and came home and drank a big glass of water. I  
>> drink loads
>> of tea normally during the day. I have never got to the root of it,  
>> but
>> reckon it's the changes in BG levels my brain is having to deal with.
>> Mary Moody
>> .
> .
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