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Re: [IPk] Possible Nerve Damage?

Hi Mary,  I know you have also mentioned before about the feeling of  
being off balance you've had since being on the pump.  I've  
definitely had that big time.  Let's hope that over time our bodies  
will get used to this better control and acclimatize.  Initially I  
was just doing BG tests all day long as I couldn't work out what was  
wrong, until I realised it didn't seem to relate to BG level as such  
at that specific time.  I'm just glad however that BG levels are  
generally much better than before which must be beneficial to better  
health for the future.  Thanks for your response.


On 15 Apr 2008, at 18:00, Mary Moody wrote:
> I have this problem too. My head feels kind of full at the back - and
> sometimes sort of headachy - really hard to describe the feeling.  
> Lack of
> concentration can often be a problem - and difficulty in just  
> focusing. BG's
> don't seem to be a factor as it can happen whatever they are. This  
> afternoon
> was convinced I was low when I had the feeling and was in fact 7.6!  
> Was very
> thirsty though and came home and drank a big glass of water. I  
> drink loads
> of tea normally during the day. I have never got to the root of it,  
> but
> reckon it's the changes in BG levels my brain is having to deal with.
> Mary Moody
> .
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