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RE: [IPk] New NCE guidelines

Hi Karen,

The new guidance is much better for children under 12; they do not have to
try MDI first. They can go straight onto a pump from diagnose.

"CSII therapy is recommended as a treatment option for children younger than
12yrs with type 1 diabetes mellitus provided that:

1. MDI is considered to be impractical or inappropriate, and

2. children on insulin pumps would be expected to undergo a trial of MDI
therapy between the ages of 12 and 18 years."

Originally we were going to appeal against 2, but after discussions with
many paediatricians, we realised that would be no point. It is unlikely that
any paediatrician would implement this clause. It does say "expected" not

I hope this puts your mind at rest.


John Davis

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 "John Davis" <email @ redacted> wrote..

Para 1 of the new guidance states:

"Continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion (CSII or 'insulin pump') therapy
is recommended as a treatment option for adults and children 12 years and
older with type 1 diabetes mellitus ..


Am I right in interpreting that the new guidelines do *not* recommend pump
therapy for kids under 12? I do hope not.

Karen Persov
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