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Re: [IPk] Your choice of NHS consultant

I take it tthis is only for English People and that the Welsh assembly have
opted out of this?

Stuart Chadwick.

Diabetic T1 19 Years, Paradigm 715 user 1 year 4 months, Carelink user, and
occasional CGMS User.

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Subject: [IPk] Your choice of NHS consultant

Hi all

The following is copied from the NHS Choices website -

I have been told by a couple of people that their GP claims this doesn't
apply to treatment of chronic conditions such as diabetes.  However, the NHS
Choices website appears to prove them wrong!

If you need to change your D consultant to get pump therapy, and your GP is
denying you a choice, take along a print out of the web page!


>From this month - April 2008 - there will be a dramatic expansion of patient
choice in the NHS.

Surveys have consistently shown that patients want choice. The 2005 British
Social Attitudes survey revealed that 65% of patients said they wanted
choice of treatment, 63% wanted a choice of hospital and 53% welcomed a
choice of appointment time.

The introduction of free choice this month means that patients referred to
see a specialist will themselves be able to choose where they are treated
from any hospital that meets NHS standards.

The list includes many private hospitals as well as all NHS
providers.  Between them offer everything from treatment to your cataracts
to open-heart surgery.

Under the move to free choice, if you and your GP decide that you need to
see a specialist, you'll be able to choose the hospital that best suits your

Perhaps you will want to go somewhere away from home but close to your
family? Perhaps good parking facilities are vital for you? Waiting lists,
cleanliness, reputation ... they can all be factored into your thinking. The
point is that the choice is now yours.

The Compare
on NHS Choices will help you to make your choice. They allow you to select a
wide range of different hospitals and compare them on the criteria that
matter most to you.

In many cases, you'll also be able to see how other patients rated them. You
can also add your own comments.

It may not always be possible for you to choose which hospital you go to. In
the case of accidents and other emergencies, for example, ambulance crews
may have to decide for you.

Also, your GP may take the view that - while not an emergency -you need to
see a specialist quickly. Here, the GP may have to advise you.

Finally,  there are two areas of healthcare where the location in which you
are treated is not subject to free choice - mental health services and
maternity. However, you are always free to talk to your GP if you feel the
hospital you are being referred to is not right for you. And remember, once
you have been seen by the specialist, you can always ask for a second

Is choice offered for all medical conditions?

A choice of hospital is available for most medical conditions. However, If
you need to be seen quickly, for example, your doctor wants you to see a
cancer specialist or you have severe chest pain, he will send you where you
will be seen most quickly.

If you need to see a mental health specialist or someone regarding your
pregnancy, you will not be able to choose where you are seen by a

Not all hospitals treat every medical condition and some patients may need a
more specialised service.


Hope this helps


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