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[IPk] For Joel

Hi Joel


As I see the same consultant as you will be seeing tomorrow, I suggest you
really emphasise the problem you are having with hypos. He also asked to see
my notebook (haven't kept one for years - do it all on the computer), so
suggest you take data with you if you can. He asked for my average BGs at
certain times of day and how good I was at carb counting. Hopefully as you
have had great input from your dietician that will not be a problem -
however, because I said I needed a refresher it was for me. You hopefully
also have the DSN and dietitian on your side. 


Demonstrate your great understanding of diabetes and what is going on in
your body, and hopefully all will be well. If he asks you to do anything you
consider crazy don't say either that you have tried it before and it didn't
work, or that you don't think that will work for you. Ask him why. If he
says he doesn't think you need a pump as he did with me - make sure you get
a reason. I think it is a good idea to have your case in writing with copies
to your GP and also to your regular consultant. I have given loads of data
to my GP to be scanned into my files. What time is your appointment? 


Very, very good luck.


Just read your next post and lots of replies - Don't mail anything to him -
he asked me specifically not to do that! And the next bit of advice - let
John Davis of Input know who you are dealing with - you won't be the first
with our team.


Mary Moody
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