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RE: [IPk] bolus tipping

Hi Di,
I just try and aim around the 10mmol mark (no higher) to try and ensure it
doesnt slip into another low, especially if I am waiting to drive.  After
another 40 mins I would test again, and then I get an idea if I'm going up or
down.  If any higher, I would treat with a bit of insulin. I have problems
with my blood dropping very quickly, so I feel safe at the 8-10 mark after a
hypo, as when I've already had one hypo I cant feel the symtoms of another if
its within a short time and this worries me. I wish I could aim for say 7, but
I just wouldnt feel safe.  Cheers, melisa> > Your annual contribution will
eliminate this header from your IP mail> > Hi Melisa> Just curious, why do you
try to take your BG up as high as 10 after a low?> Wouldn't it be better to
try to aim at say 7?> > > tube. I'll then test again after about 40 mins just
to see where I'm at. >> .>
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