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Re: [IPk] bolus tipping

i noticed on the minimed medtronic that if you tell it you've had a  
hypo, then say an hour later when your bs might be high (after the  
low) and you decide to eat a meal and you bolus for that food, the  
bolus wizard suggests you add a correction to the meal bolus. But on  
dafne you are taught not to correct a high after a low (as your liver  
is recovering). is this a pump wizard misdemeanor or is something  
different going on when you're on a  pump (can't see it would be) xxp
On 14 Apr 2008, at 12:34, Diana Maynard wrote:
> Hi Paula
> WIth any luck you'll find that hypos are much easier to deal with on  
> the pump! Most people seem to find this although I have much worse  
> hypos on the pump than I ever did on MDI (although not all of them  
> are worse, some of them are much easier to deal with). I think  
> that's mainly a result of just better control though. It's only  
> really the night time ones where I don't wake up until I'm very low,  
> that take a long time to come out of.
> Di
> Paula Briggs wrote:
>> i think i am in the obsessive stage!! new pump, new start, like a  
>> new relationship!!! i know it will wear off so am enjoying the  
>> loveliness of it for now. I do have to watch myself reading pump  
>> books in bed at night - i can see its a bit of a relationship  
>> killer!!!
>> lows at the moment are often difficult to crawl out of - i know the  
>> five jelly babies etc but i've had a few hypos where i eat, and  
>> eat, and an hour later its still only 3.9, then of course bounces  
>> right up in a few hours. I hate being on the unpredictable bi  
>> (insulatard at the moment for me) - some days it works well,  
>> somedays its as if its not there at all - atleast when i'm just on  
>> novrapid i can sort out whats really going on... (3 days now)
> .
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