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Re: [IPk] bolus tipping

i think i am in the obsessive stage!! new pump, new start, like a new  
relationship!!! i know it will wear off so am enjoying the loveliness  
of it for now. I do have to watch myself reading pump books in bed at  
night - i can see its a bit of a relationship killer!!!

lows at the moment are often difficult to crawl out of - i know the  
five jelly babies etc but i've had a few hypos where i eat, and eat,  
and an hour later its still only 3.9, then of course bounces right up  
in a few hours. I hate being on the unpredictable bi (insulatard at  
the moment for me) - some days it works well, somedays its as if its  
not there at all - atleast when i'm just on novrapid i can sort out  
whats really going on... (3 days now)

On 14 Apr 2008, at 12:25, Diana Maynard wrote:
> That sounds a bit obsessive and extreme to me (to do all the time I  
> mean)! How many people have time to go through all that hassle every  
> time you check your BG?  For a one-off when you're on the lowish  
> side a couple of hours after a meal, it could be useful though.
> How do you treat lows at the moment, Paula? Most people do overtreat  
> lows, when you think about it, the amount of carbs needed is usually  
> pretty small to get you up a couple of mmol/l (which is generally  
> all you need unless you're exercising or something at the time).  
> Lucozade or glucose tabs are a good way to treat lows as it's much  
> easier not to overdose!
> Di
> Paula Briggs wrote:
>> p49 of the latest pumping with insulin, john walsh.
>> "Clever pump tricks: Bolus tipping to prevent lows:
>> Every time you test your sugar, check whether your pump recommends  
>> that you give a bolus.
>> Your pump can tell you how many grams of carb you will need to  
>> offset the remaining insulin to prevent a low, or how many carbs  
>> are needed to treat one you are having. enter a small gram of carbs  
>> as a meal bolus and check whether your pump recommends a bolus.  
>> gradually increase the number of cars until your bolus tips i.e.  
>> the pump switches from recommending no bolus to recommending one.
>> When the bolus tips the number of carbs you just put in will  
>> closely approximate how many carbs you need to eat to prevent or  
>> treat a low. dia in pump must be accurate for this to work. some  
>> pumps now provide an automatic readout of your current carb deficit  
>> or insulin deficit every time a glucose test is taken."
>> not tried it yet (still on saline) but can imagine it might help to  
>> stop me over-treating hypos?
>> Paula
> .
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