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Re: [IPk] bolus tipping

That sounds a bit obsessive and extreme to me (to do all the time I 
mean)! How many people have time to go through all that hassle every 
time you check your BG?  For a one-off when you're on the lowish side a 
couple of hours after a meal, it could be useful though.

How do you treat lows at the moment, Paula? Most people do overtreat 
lows, when you think about it, the amount of carbs needed is usually 
pretty small to get you up a couple of mmol/l (which is generally all 
you need unless you're exercising or something at the time). Lucozade or 
glucose tabs are a good way to treat lows as it's much easier not to 

Paula Briggs wrote:
> p49 of the latest pumping with insulin, john walsh.
> "Clever pump tricks: Bolus tipping to prevent lows:
> Every time you test your sugar, check whether your pump recommends 
> that you give a bolus.
> Your pump can tell you how many grams of carb you will need to offset 
> the remaining insulin to prevent a low, or how many carbs are needed 
> to treat one you are having. enter a small gram of carbs as a meal 
> bolus and check whether your pump recommends a bolus. gradually 
> increase the number of cars until your bolus tips i.e. the pump 
> switches from recommending no bolus to recommending one.
> When the bolus tips the number of carbs you just put in will closely 
> approximate how many carbs you need to eat to prevent or treat a low. 
> dia in pump must be accurate for this to work. some pumps now provide 
> an automatic readout of your current carb deficit or insulin deficit 
> every time a glucose test is taken."
> not tried it yet (still on saline) but can imagine it might help to 
> stop me over-treating hypos?
> Paula
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