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Re: [IPk] Using pump as calculator

Hi Jenny
I don't think I would necessarily know that a large glass is a third of 
a bottle (and I'm a wine drinker) unless someone told me it was 250ml 
and that a wine bottle holds 750 ml (when of course it would be obvious).

Regarding my initial comments about calculators, exams etc, I wasn't 
referring to pumps there, it was just a general whinge about the way 
maths is taught these days and how many people can't do simple maths in 
their heads any more and use a calculator for every little thing. Of 
course, some people have a real problem with that and of course I'm not 
having a go at them - I was just talking in general terms about teaching 
these days! And the fact that most calculations you need to do on a pump 
are a simple matter of addition and subtraction which can usually be 
done pretty easily as they're only low numbers. Sorry Jackie, I should 
have been a bit clearer! If you need a calculator (or mobile phone) to 
work out the boluses etc then of course you should use one rather than 
risk a wrong dose!

jenny davey wrote:
>  I'm with you on this Di. I was saddened by the top story on BBC News this
 > morning about the size of wine glasses in pubs, which was reported as if
 > are unknowingly asking for a large glass and not realising that it's a third
 > a bottle. I appreciate that many find maths difficult, but it's pretty
> not to know that 250 out of 750 is the same as a third!
>   Oh yes, and thanks for pointing out what the B button does; I'd never used
> mine before either!
>   Jenny
 > IDDM 12 years, 508 7 years, 522 3 months, maths teacher 14 years but spoilt
> current job by only teaching A Level Further Maths :-)
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