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Re: [IPk] temporary basal rate and walking

Hi Sam
Personally I'd have just bunged in a load of insulin and gone walking 
That's often happened to me (huge high just as I'm about to start 
walking or something) but unless you'd been high all night as well and 
really having a serious problem, then I think you would have been fine. 
Probably just a bit of bad carb guessing and the adrenalin. I've played 
softball in a tournament with a blood sugar of 31 (and played one of my 
best games ever!!!) - obviously I whacked in a load of insulin first and 
kept a close eye on things.

email @ redacted wrote:
 > well, i managed a full hour of doing my weekends walk before checking my
> and being high and then feeling a bit ketoney so checking anjd having ketones
 > whoppe so that was it for the weekends walking and my mum had to come pick me
 > whilst me and my group waited in the back of a van squished between bags
> cards, how exciting! Hopefully next time will be a bit more sucessful, i feel
> like a right skiver coz i'm sat at home in dry warm clothes in a warm house
> instead of outside putting a tent up or something and i fell fine grr. Thanks
> for the advice on what to do about basal however as you can probably guess i
 > didnt rerally get chance to use it :) damn badly made readybrek and a
> inability to guess my carbs.
>   Sammy
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