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Re: [IPk] Possible Nerve Damage?

My mum was also diagnosed with Menieres disease although (a) it took 
months for them to decide on the diagnosis and (b) following that she 
was then diagnosed with thyroid problems and Graves disease which could 
also have been responsible for the Menieres symptoms! And yes, she had 
similar symptoms to you although she also had overwhelming tiredness and 
extreme dizziness and nausea (so she couldn't stand up at all without 
feeling ill).

I have similar symptoms that tend to last for a few days, but I think 
they're associated with low blood pressure spells as I do suffer from 
low BP (partly due to taking ACE inhibitors). They've already reduced 
the dosage from 10mg a day to 5mg but I suspect I may need to cut down a 
bit further. I tend to get it worst when I'm feeling a bit run down.

Paula Briggs wrote:
> these are similar to the symptons my mum described prior to being 
> diagnosed with menieres disease - it came and went/worse/better, now 
> takes low dose medication for it,. not sure if it is ever diabetes 
> related (mums not diabetic).
> I also (since being diabetic) have phases of feeling light headed, 
> muzzy headed, inability to think straight (a vague feeling of fullness 
> in my head, not quite a headache but persistant enough for me to feel 
> under par, bit like a hangover). i wondered if it was the stress of 
> repeated highs and lows on the body - some kind of mineral deficiency 
> caused by the physical stress - i took magnesium for a while but not 
> sure if t helped... (i'm now medical person...)
> Paula
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