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Re: [IPk] Possible Nerve Damage?

these are similar to the symptons my mum described prior to being  
diagnosed with menieres disease - it came and went/worse/better, now  
takes low dose medication for it,. not sure if it is ever diabetes  
related (mums not diabetic).

I also (since being diabetic) have phases of feeling light headed,  
muzzy headed, inability to think straight (a vague feeling of fullness  
in my head, not quite a headache but persistant enough for me to feel  
under par, bit like a hangover). i wondered if it was the stress of  
repeated highs and lows on the body - some kind of mineral deficiency  
caused by the physical stress - i took magnesium for a while but not  
sure if t helped... (i'm now medical person...)


On 14 Apr 2008, at 09:08, Clare Price wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am just wondering if anyone has or is suffering in the same way as  
> me, possibly due to having had diabetes for a long time (I have had  
> type 1 for 38 years now).  I have been suffering with feelings of  
> being off-balance, confusion and lack of concentration on and off  
> now for about 18 months (sometimes badly for a few days or weeks,  
> and sometimes not too bad).  These feelings occur whatever level my  
> BG is at (low, normal or high).  Initially I had various tests done  
> by my GP (e.g. ENT check, thyroid problems, iron deficiency, blood  
> pressure), I also stopped all unnecessary medication (obviously not  
> insulin!).  All tests came back as being fine, I then had an MRI  
> scan on my brain (and yes, they did find one in there), but again no  
> signs of anything unusual.
> My DSN has suggested it may be due to the diabetes, perhaps being  
> due to having better control since going doing the DAFNE course  
> (known as DAFYDD here in Wales), and since taking Glucophage for  
> insulin resistance, and then the pump, these things helping towards  
> better control.  My diabetic control was never very good prior to  
> the pump and 38 years of higher blood sugars (typical HBa1c  was  
> around 9 then) might mean that my body is still not used to these  
> lower BG's.  I have been on the pump now for 7 months, and I was  
> hoping that these symptoms would start to go, but I am going through  
> a bad patch again currently.  The DSN has said it may take up to a  
> year to feel better, which may be the case.
> It has been suggested that it could be due to nerve damage from  
> having diabetes for so long, but that normally this does not occur  
> in the brain until after you have experienced nerve damage elsewhere  
> in the body (e.g. foot problems - mine are regularly checked and  
> absolutely fine).
> I do however have diabetic eye retinopathy and have had loads of  
> laser treatment in both eyes.
> Anyone out there experienced this, and if so, did it go away and how  
> long did it take?  Perhaps it's just me though.
> Clare
> (Type 1 for 38 years, pumping 7 months, Paradigm 522)
> .
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