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[IPk] Sils

Mrs Moyes wrote:
 > Sorry to be dumb, but having read all the info about Sihouettes, could
> please remind me why so many people who post on this site prefer them to
> Quiksets?  I do have some Sils, which I take with me on holiday in case my
> whanger were to fail, but I wouldn't use one by choice as I find the idea
> inserting an infusion set at an angle so unpleasant after having spent the
> last two decades before having a pump injecting at a right angle.  Anne

Hi Anne

Quicksets enter at a 90 degrees angle and I wholly agree with everything Di
said. Additionally, you are more likely to get a kink in a 90 degree cannula
when you bend or move and much more likely to hit a blood vessel as the
closer you get to muscle the more blood vessels and capilliaries there
are. So better results also arise because with angled insertion you are more
likely to have the tip of the cannula embedded and surrounded by
subcutaneous fat, whereas with the Quicksets the tip may be close to
whatever lies below the fat. Most of us prefer the sils because we get
better results, longer infusion times and you can see the cannula.... so you
can physcially see if there's blood in, a prompt set change when there's
blood in a cannula will help reduce the risk of a site infection which could
be serious. Its also easier to see if the area around the site is red or
angry looking. The flatter profile also means the site is less likely go get
knocked, whilst the angle helps the cannula stay put. A cannula at a right
angle can pull out easier than one at say 30 to 45 degrees. Overall the
cannula of a sil can take a bit more wear and tear and survive to pump
another day. My experience was that if a Quickset cannula got a knock, it
was more likely to either pull out, kink,  or hit a vessel, bleed and fail.
Similarly, if you caught the tube say on a door handle (or the dog
jumping).. its likely to pull out. So many of us on the list have found over
time that the sils have a better survivial rate for these everyday events.
Having said all that.. if you are getting good bgs and overall control,
sites lasting 2 to 3 days and no site failures or infections with Quicksets
then keep on using them.. as they say.. If aint broke..dont fix it!

Karen (mum to Sarah age 11.5, diabetic 10 years, pumping Animas2020 with
Sils... previously Cozmo, MM511 and 512)
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