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Re: [IPk] Sillouettes

Thank you Karen

Your discription is very clear :o)

I'm on the short length and will follow your instructions on my next set 
change. I'm sure that once I've done it a few times it will be much simpler!

Kind regards
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Sent: Sunday, April 13, 2008 1:30 AM
Subject: [IPk] Sillouettes

> Hi Allie
> "My DSN has given me a box of sils & a silserter to have a go with, but I
> could do with some instructions ( from the horse's mouth as it were!) The
> instructions that come with the box don't seem quite the same as a photo
> copied sheet I was given - at which stage do you peel the sticky bits off?
> How much do I prime?"
> I
> A quick sort of idiots guide would be really appreciated.
> Sarah does not use the silserter, in my opinion this is more hit and miss 
> as
> it fires in the needle at a distance from the device.. this distance 
> varying
> based on the angle you hold it. We find we have much more control with a
> manual insertion The silserter fires with quite a bit of force also so
> bruising is more likely and it makes a noise which can cause you to move 
> the
> device slightly and affect the angle. My daughter is adamant that the
> silserter hurts alot and manual insertion is less painful than an 
> injection.
> Here's how we do it.. like most things related to diabetes, its often a 
> case
> of finding what suits you... we dont take the sticky backing off until its
> inserted, yet many people remove this first.
> Firstly, do you have short or regular length? Most people who are on the
> lean to normal BMI side will find they are better off with "shorts" and 
> less
> likely to hit a blood vessel, but again this is personal choice.
> Get comfortable in a position with plenty of light. I always do Sarah's
> sites when she is sitting rather than standing and we do use IV prep to
> prepare the site first.
> I hold the set by balancing it on my middle 2 fingers, use the thumb to 
> hold
> back the front free Sticky wing (backing still attached) and use my index
> finger to push it in. There's a small curve at the top  (opp end to 
> needle)
> and your index finger should rest on this.
> Use your left hand (assuming your are right handed) to pinch up some fat 
> and
> help keep the skin taut.
> Remove the blue needle guard and align the needle end to where you want 
> the
> needle to enter, using your middle 2 fingers as a guide,  (so the
> sites rests on your fingers and your fingers rest on your stomach, this
> helps to get the required angle and stability). Aim for between 30 to 45%,
> going shallower the leaner you are.
> The sticky backing is in 2 parts... the "free wing" and the "other part"
> which has the plastic bit attached.
> Push in with* one* smooth movement (using index finger), as if you were
> giving a shot, keeping your thumb holding back the free sticky wing and 
> your
> middle finger still underneath the "other part".
> You can then peel off the sticky backing on the free wing, with the other
> hand, whilst still holding the other part. A smooth push in helps avoid
> kinking and you shouldn't need too much force.
> Stick the free free wing down which will help hold the cannula in place 
> and
> using your left hand to hold the set securely against your skin, use your
> right hand to squeeze in the sides of the removeable plastic gadget and 
> pull
> this out slowly to remove the needle from the cannula.
> Now the cannula is flexible and you can slightly lift the other part and
> remove that sticky backing and smooth it down.
> Like most things there is a learning curve and after a few site changes 
> you
> will quickly get the knack. It now takes us less than 3 minutes to do a 
> full
> site change.
> I practised on my husband before doing it first on my daughter and I
> recently showed someone how to insert a "beany toy"... there's a similar
> feel to pinching some fat.. or an old teddy  or cushion will do. If you
> practise on something a few times this will help you get the angle and
> motion and give you more confidence when doing it for real.
> I never realised how difficult it is to describe something that is
> effectively a visual thing, so I hope the above makes some sense?
> Priming the cannula... 0.7 for a short and ( 0.9 .. I think for a 
> regular).
> If you see any blood in the cannula you shoudl redo the site.
> Hope that helps
> Karen
> (mum to Sarah age 11.5, diabetic 10 years, hypothyroism 1.5yrs, now 
> pumping
> Animas2020, Cozmo 3 years, Minimed 511 and then 512, 2 years)
> .
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