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[IPk] Sillouettes

Hi Allie

"My DSN has given me a box of sils & a silserter to have a go with, but I
could do with some instructions ( from the horse's mouth as it were!) The
instructions that come with the box don't seem quite the same as a photo
copied sheet I was given - at which stage do you peel the sticky bits off?
How much do I prime?"
A quick sort of idiots guide would be really appreciated.

Sarah does not use the silserter, in my opinion this is more hit and miss as
it fires in the needle at a distance from the device.. this distance varying
based on the angle you hold it. We find we have much more control with a
manual insertion The silserter fires with quite a bit of force also so
bruising is more likely and it makes a noise which can cause you to move the
device slightly and affect the angle. My daughter is adamant that the
silserter hurts alot and manual insertion is less painful than an injection.

Here's how we do it.. like most things related to diabetes, its often a case
of finding what suits you... we dont take the sticky backing off until its
inserted, yet many people remove this first.

Firstly, do you have short or regular length? Most people who are on the
lean to normal BMI side will find they are better off with "shorts" and less
likely to hit a blood vessel, but again this is personal choice.

Get comfortable in a position with plenty of light. I always do Sarah's
sites when she is sitting rather than standing and we do use IV prep to
prepare the site first.

I hold the set by balancing it on my middle 2 fingers, use the thumb to hold
back the front free Sticky wing (backing still attached) and use my index
finger to push it in. There's a small curve at the top  (opp end to needle)
and your index finger should rest on this.

Use your left hand (assuming your are right handed) to pinch up some fat and
help keep the skin taut.

Remove the blue needle guard and align the needle end to where you want the
needle to enter, using your middle 2 fingers as a guide,  (so the
sites rests on your fingers and your fingers rest on your stomach, this
helps to get the required angle and stability). Aim for between 30 to 45%,
going shallower the leaner you are.

The sticky backing is in 2 parts... the "free wing" and the "other part"
which has the plastic bit attached.

Push in with* one* smooth movement (using index finger), as if you were
giving a shot, keeping your thumb holding back the free sticky wing and your
middle finger still underneath the "other part".

You can then peel off the sticky backing on the free wing, with the other
hand, whilst still holding the other part. A smooth push in helps avoid
kinking and you shouldn't need too much force.

Stick the free free wing down which will help hold the cannula in place and
using your left hand to hold the set securely against your skin, use your
right hand to squeeze in the sides of the removeable plastic gadget and pull
this out slowly to remove the needle from the cannula.

Now the cannula is flexible and you can slightly lift the other part and
remove that sticky backing and smooth it down.

Like most things there is a learning curve and after a few site changes you
will quickly get the knack. It now takes us less than 3 minutes to do a full
site change.

I practised on my husband before doing it first on my daughter and I
recently showed someone how to insert a "beany toy"... there's a similar
feel to pinching some fat.. or an old teddy  or cushion will do. If you
practise on something a few times this will help you get the angle and
motion and give you more confidence when doing it for real.

I never realised how difficult it is to describe something that is
effectively a visual thing, so I hope the above makes some sense?

Priming the cannula... 0.7 for a short and ( 0.9 .. I think for a regular).

If you see any blood in the cannula you shoudl redo the site.

Hope that helps

(mum to Sarah age 11.5, diabetic 10 years, hypothyroism 1.5yrs, now pumping
Animas2020, Cozmo 3 years, Minimed 511 and then 512, 2 years)
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