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Re: [IPk] Using pump as calculator

ooops didn't mean to start a debate on mental arithmetic!

My original point was more that on MDI, the ONLY sum i did (yes, in my  
head), was a carb counting/correction factor one. I didn't add to that  
equation an extra sum which accounted for duration of insulin, and  
what my actual correction factor was (i had never been told to work  
these out). What i was trying to say was that as a diabetic on mdi -  
having a meter which worked as a bolus wizard on a pump does would  
have empowered/educated me further to control my diabetes - or failing  
that a dsn who could have told me to add these equations to my sum...  
by introducing these ideas to me prior to pump - its an diabetes  
education thing not a mental arithmetic point... (for me anyway)

but now i have a wizard i'll be using it (and my mental arithmetics  
not bad but why would i take a minute to work out correction factor/ 
insulin on board plus carbs when the wizard can do it for me (its the  
insulin on board bt which i can't be bothered to work out (remembering  
exactly when i had the last jab etc) ... lifes too short with a three  
year old gabbling 24 to the dozen in my ear (24 to the dozen let me  
see yes thats 288, see i just can't resist a sum!)


On 12 Apr 2008, at 21:32, jenny davey wrote:
> I'm with you on this Di. I was saddened by the top story on BBC News  
> this
> morning about the size of wine glasses in pubs, which was reported  
> as if people
> are unknowingly asking for a large glass and not realising that it's  
> a third of
> a bottle. I appreciate that many find maths difficult, but it's  
> pretty shocking
> not to know that 250 out of 750 is the same as a third!
>  Oh yes, and thanks for pointing out what the B button does; I'd  
> never used
> mine before either!
>  Jenny
>  IDDM 12 years, 508 7 years, 522 3 months, maths teacher 14 years  
> but spoilt in
> current job by only teaching A Level Further Maths :-)
>  Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2008 15:41:09 +0100
> From: Diana Maynard
> Subject: Re: [IPk] Using pump as calculator
> Or they could just do the calculation in their head like the rest of  
> us!
> It's really not rocket science to work it out....though these days  
> they
> don't seem to teach mental arithmetic in schools.
> Di (who went to school when calculators were banned in exams but you
> were allowed a set of log tables for the really difficult  
> calculations!)
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