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Re: [IPk] Using pump as calculator

 I'm with you on this Di. I was saddened by the top story on BBC News this
morning about the size of wine glasses in pubs, which was reported as if people
are unknowingly asking for a large glass and not realising that it's a third of
a bottle. I appreciate that many find maths difficult, but it's pretty shocking
not to know that 250 out of 750 is the same as a third!
  Oh yes, and thanks for pointing out what the B button does; I'd never used
mine before either!
  IDDM 12 years, 508 7 years, 522 3 months, maths teacher 14 years but spoilt in
current job by only teaching A Level Further Maths :-)

  Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2008 15:41:09 +0100
From: Diana Maynard 
Subject: Re: [IPk] Using pump as calculator

Or they could just do the calculation in their head like the rest of us!
It's really not rocket science to work it out....though these days they 
don't seem to teach mental arithmetic in schools.
Di (who went to school when calculators were banned in exams but you 
were allowed a set of log tables for the really difficult calculations!)

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