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Re: [IPk] Using pump as calculator

 looking from a computer geeks point of view i really think non calculator maths
tests should be abolished except for basic arithmetic and the ability to do
estimates ie 3.28574 + 76.836583 + 2.0294 is close to 3 + 77 + 2 so the answer
should be near 82 but with todays technology why do we really need to be able to
do quadratic equations in our heads when we can find a p-rogram that can do them
for us.
  regarding bolus calcs etc not everyone is good at maths, i was but i still
miscalculate things and to be honest diabetes is annoying enough, anything that
can make it easier should be embraced.
  also i don't think everyone should have to go on dafne course when theyre
diagnosed, would have been useless to me at 6 and at 16 i would have ignored
most of what was being said (because obviously i knew everything there was to
know about diabetes being a fairly obstinate teenager) however i do think it
would be a good idea for it to be offered to people maybe every year because
although i wouldn't go on one now they sound quite useful and maybe in a few
years i would go by which time i will havwe forgotten they exist!

Mary Moody <email @ redacted> wrote:

Don't worry folks - I'm not actually that arrogant - one of my jobs is to
work with learners with dyscalculia and also dyslexia. People with these
conditions find it very hard to keep the data from complex calculations in
their heads, so this makes working out extra hard, even if they can
understand the technique, which is quite often too difficult. I find that
most parents find it hard to understand the new methods of working at school
- and there is quite a lot of inconsistency across the country which doesn't
help. I have just been working with a group of learners who are training to
be teaching assistants, and math was one of the big concerns. I was lucky
enough to be at school when there was a big emphasis on mental arithmetic,
however, more complex math was totally beyond me.

I agree too that it is hard to calculate boluses when you are low - however,
if you are too low the MM tells you to wait until your BG goes up a bit
before bolusing. I have made mistakes myself when low.

Sorry - will try not to jump in with both feet again!

Mary Moody
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