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Re: [IPk] Using pump as calculator

Joanna: pump i've started on is a medronic minimed. Thanks for all the  

mmm i can manage a calculation in my head re carb counting and  
corrections  - but its the insulin sensitivity and bolus on board  
added to the sum pot which i need the bolus wizard help with...!  
especially if i'm fuzzy headed. bolus on board was all guess work  

coincidentally i had my six week post dafne meet up today and  
mentioned it to my pump nurse - she said she was in discussion with  
some meter company about just that.

by the way joanna - have been thrilled with the way even in less than  
24 hours i can completely forget am wearing pump - its really  
comfortable  in bed, going to the toilet - al the bits i worried about  
- no problem (just in case you are worrying too!). i can see it being  
a best friend (i know the hard its yet to come but a good start)

On 11 Apr 2008, at 15:22, Jackie Jacombs wrote:
> Hi Paula
> That really is a good idea.  But perhaps its to risky if something  
> when wrong
> with the calculations!! The meter company might not want the  
> responsibility. I
> suppose people could just carry a small calculator with them.
> Suggest it to one of the companies like Johnson and Johnson who make  
> pumps and
> meters
> Jackie
>> My first full day on a pump! Am enjoying the "gadget" - no insulin
>> though, saline for a week. Already am finding ability to let the pump
>> (medtronic) to work out bolus using bolus wizard. Begs the question,
>> or am i missing a trick, why isn't there a meter which also acts as a
>> calculator, which people on mdi cold use to help work out bolus's  
>> too?
>> I know a pen delivers larger units so it wouldn't be as refined,  
>> but i
>> would have loved a meter on mdi which worked like bolus wizard on the
>> pump, taking active insulin on board, sensitivity etc, and then give
>> the dose via pen.... ? too simplistic?
>> Paula, type 1 2001, just getting started on pump
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