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Re: [IPk] Using pump as calculator

Hi Joanne

I do recall that in 2005 they were also talking about a different
product that was not designed to work with the pump, but was intended
specifically for MDI users...I will have to do a bit of digging as I
may have gotten confused; still, I remember having that conversation
about the ratios being locked for MDI users.

Will let you know what I can find on that -


On Fri, Apr 11, 2008 at 2:34 PM, JOANNE PARSONS
<email @ redacted> wrote:
> Hi Paula
>  what pump have you got?
>  I ask this because my start date for going onto a pump is 4th June ;-)  The
>  hospital that I attend generally use the Accu-Chek spirit pump, that doesn't
>  have a bolus wizard Incorporated in the pump....
 > The software that Melissa is taking about is the Pocket Compass software it
 > designed to work with the Accu-Chek spirit pump and some of there meters (one
>  that have a inferred port) when it was first released as Melissa said it was
>  on the Palm Zire (Z22)  but it is compatible with several other Palm's as
 > well. When I phoned Accu-chek last week to enquire about the Compass software
>  and what it can and can't do...  the lady was saying that in May there
>  up-grading the PDA to a Treo, which is much better as the Treo are smart
 > phones as well, very much like a Blackberry... qwerty key board put your own
>  sim card in for the phone...  It  also connects to a desktop via a usb
>  connection so the only part using the inferred port well be the spirit pump
>  and the BG meter....  The new PDA's will be available from May as she said
>  that by June when I go onto the pump I would get the up-graded version...
>  The blurb that she sent me about both the insulin pump and the Compass
>  Software wasn't that informative as such a bit too brief in fact...  And it
 > seems that you can't download a manual from the uk site, I did manage to get
>  link www.disetronic-usa.com/en_US/pdf/ACPocoUserGuide101005.pdf  that gives
>  the Pocket Compass software manual.  Which is a bit more helpful than the
>  blurb....
 > How much it cost's I'm not sure I kind of forgot to ask that simple question?
 > doh What I can see on the American websites there charge is about $30 dollar
>  of course that is without the PDA part and some were moaning that was
>  expensive!!!!  I wonder what they would say if they were expected to pay the
>  prices that were are charged for software?
 > For what I can see from the manual it is more pump friendly and you can
>  a lot more information from it than I can give better data reports than the
>  One-touch software that I use with my ultra smart meter which lacks some of
>  the features and abilities that I wish it did have...
>  Hope even though a long reply that it might be helpful
>  Jo
>  ----- Original Message ----
>  From: Paula Briggs <email @ redacted>
>  To: email @ redacted
>  Sent: Friday, 11 April, 2008 12:45:24 PM
>  Subject: Re: [IPk] Using pump as calculator
>  big shame isn't it. i can see education is key, and some people might
>  not want to be so involved with their control, but there must be a big
>  group of MDI users who are as motivated (and able)as pump users to
>  take control, but not fortunate enough to get a pump. i would have
>  loved to have an extra tool... xxp
>  On 11 Apr 2008, at 12:31, Melissa Ford wrote:
>  >
>  > Hi Paula
>  >
>  > A few years ago Roche developed a system similar to what you describe.
>  > It was a Palm Zire PDA with an IR port that could take information
>  > from any IR equipped Accu-Chek meter. They launched it in the summer
>  > of 2005. However it was not a full commerical launch and it hasn't
>  > made any waves in the market. the product doesn't appear on their US
>  > website now so they may have stopped the program - I'll have more
>  > information on the status in early June.
>  >
>  > IMHO the fatal flaw of the system introduced in 2005 was that Roche
>  > wanted it to be administered by healthcare professionals only, such
>  > that the carb:insulin ratios and correction factors could only be
>  > changed by a healthcare professional who entered a secret PIN into the
>  > device. Doctors and nurses just don't have that kind of time to make
>  > minor adjustments personally!! Pumps are set up so that we can edit
>  > the carb:insulin ratios and the correction factor whenever we like,
>  > which makes a lot of sense to me.
>  >
>  > I queried Roche on why they were going to "lock out" patients from
>  > editing settings on their PDA product. Their response was that many
>  > people on MDI don't have the training and education to adjust the
>  > ratios themselves. Probably true, but you can never really solve an
>  > education problem with technology alone.
>  >
>  > I wish everyone who takes insulin HAD to go on a DAFNE course within
>  > 18 months of starting insulin therapy. It would make such a
>  > difference. The fact that so many people don't receive the education
>  > necessary to get value out of a "bolus wizard" until they are about to
>  > go on a pump may well explain why there's been relatively little
>  > investment in technology to support optimal carb-counting/bg
>  > correcting by MDI users.
>  >
>  >
>  > Melissa
>  > Type 1 15 years; MiniMed pumper 7.5 years; Animas pumper 4.5 years
>  >
>  > On Fri, Apr 11, 2008 at 12:20 PM, Paula Briggs
>  > <email @ redacted> wrote:
>  >> My first full day on a pump! Am enjoying the "gadget" - no insulin
>  >> though, saline for a week. Already am finding ability to let the pump
>  >> (medtronic) to work out bolus using bolus wizard. Begs the question,
>  >> or am i missing a trick, why isn't there a meter which also acts as a
>  >> calculator, which people on mdi cold use to help work out bolus's
>  >> too?
>  >> I know a pen delivers larger units so it wouldn't be as refined,
>  >> but i
>  >> would have loved a meter on mdi which worked like bolus wizard on the
>  >> pump, taking active insulin on board, sensitivity etc, and then give
>  >> the dose via pen.... ? too simplistic?
>  >> Paula, type 1 2001, just getting started on pump
>  > .
>  .
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