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Re: [IPk] Using pump as calculator

Hi Paula

what pump have you got?

I ask this because my start date for going onto a pump is 4th June ;-)  The
hospital that I attend generally use the Accu-Chek spirit pump, that doesn't
have a bolus wizard Incorporated in the pump....

The software that Melissa is taking about is the Pocket Compass software it is
designed to work with the Accu-Chek spirit pump and some of there meters (one
that have a inferred port) when it was first released as Melissa said it was
on the Palm Zire (Z22)  but it is compatible with several other Palm's as
well.  When I phoned Accu-chek last week to enquire about the Compass software
and what it can and can't do...  the lady was saying that in May there
up-grading the PDA to a Treo, which is much better as the Treo are smart
phones as well, very much like a Blackberry...  qwerty key board put your own
sim card in for the phone...  It  also connects to a desktop via a usb
connection so the only part using the inferred port well be the spirit pump
and the BG meter....  The new PDA's will be available from May as she said
that by June when I go onto the pump I would get the up-graded version...

The blurb that she sent me about both the insulin pump and the Compass
Software wasn't that informative as such a bit too brief in fact...  And it
seems that you can't download a manual from the uk site, I did manage to get a
link www.disetronic-usa.com/en_US/pdf/ACPocoUserGuide101005.pdf  that gives
the Pocket Compass software manual.  Which is a bit more helpful than the

How much it cost's I'm not sure I kind of forgot to ask that simple question?
doh  What I can see on the American websites there charge is about $30 dollar
of course that is without the PDA part and some were moaning that was
expensive!!!!  I wonder what they would say if they were expected to pay the
prices that were are charged for software?

For what I can see from the manual it is more pump friendly and you can create
a lot more information from it than I can give better data reports than the
One-touch software that I use with my ultra smart meter which lacks some of
the features and abilities that I wish it did have...

Hope even though a long reply that it might be helpful


----- Original Message ----
From: Paula Briggs <email @ redacted>
To: email @ redacted
Sent: Friday, 11 April, 2008 12:45:24 PM
Subject: Re: [IPk] Using pump as calculator

big shame isn't it. i can see education is key, and some people might
not want to be so involved with their control, but there must be a big
group of MDI users who are as motivated (and able)as pump users to
take control, but not fortunate enough to get a pump. i would have
loved to have an extra tool... xxp
On 11 Apr 2008, at 12:31, Melissa Ford wrote:
> Hi Paula
> A few years ago Roche developed a system similar to what you describe.
> It was a Palm Zire PDA with an IR port that could take information
> from any IR equipped Accu-Chek meter. They launched it in the summer
> of 2005. However it was not a full commerical launch and it hasn't
> made any waves in the market. the product doesn't appear on their US
> website now so they may have stopped the program - I'll have more
> information on the status in early June.
> IMHO the fatal flaw of the system introduced in 2005 was that Roche
> wanted it to be administered by healthcare professionals only, such
> that the carb:insulin ratios and correction factors could only be
> changed by a healthcare professional who entered a secret PIN into the
> device. Doctors and nurses just don't have that kind of time to make
> minor adjustments personally!! Pumps are set up so that we can edit
> the carb:insulin ratios and the correction factor whenever we like,
> which makes a lot of sense to me.
> I queried Roche on why they were going to "lock out" patients from
> editing settings on their PDA product. Their response was that many
> people on MDI don't have the training and education to adjust the
> ratios themselves. Probably true, but you can never really solve an
> education problem with technology alone.
> I wish everyone who takes insulin HAD to go on a DAFNE course within
> 18 months of starting insulin therapy. It would make such a
> difference. The fact that so many people don't receive the education
> necessary to get value out of a "bolus wizard" until they are about to
> go on a pump may well explain why there's been relatively little
> investment in technology to support optimal carb-counting/bg
> correcting by MDI users.
> Melissa
> Type 1 15 years; MiniMed pumper 7.5 years; Animas pumper 4.5 years
> On Fri, Apr 11, 2008 at 12:20 PM, Paula Briggs
> <email @ redacted> wrote:
>> My first full day on a pump! Am enjoying the "gadget" - no insulin
>> though, saline for a week. Already am finding ability to let the pump
>> (medtronic) to work out bolus using bolus wizard. Begs the question,
>> or am i missing a trick, why isn't there a meter which also acts as a
>> calculator, which people on mdi cold use to help work out bolus's
>> too?
>> I know a pen delivers larger units so it wouldn't be as refined,
>> but i
>> would have loved a meter on mdi which worked like bolus wizard on the
>> pump, taking active insulin on board, sensitivity etc, and then give
>> the dose via pen.... ? too simplistic?
>> Paula, type 1 2001, just getting started on pump
> .
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