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Re: [IPk] temporary basal rate and walking

 well most of diabetes is guesswork so no reason that wouldnt be random as well!
i was at 58 when i was diagnosed (and still conscious woo) and i seemed to have
to but it wore of slowly, i was on tiny amounts of insulin to start with like 4
units for breakfast and 5 for tea!

Diana Maynard <email @ redacted> wrote:

not even that, I think it's actually pretty much random if and for how 
long you have a honeymoon period. For example I was diagnosed really 
quickly (before I even realised I was feeling ill), whereas my dad was 
in a coma before he was diagnosed and had clearly been ill for weeks. 
Neither of us had honeymoon periods.

email @ redacted wrote:
> they do reckon you have a honeymoon period when you first get diagnised but
> only meant to last a few months depending on how quickly you were diagnosed.
> nothing to do with the age of the diabetic butr the length of time theyve
> diabetic, thats the way i had it explianed anyway
> Sammy
> Marisa wrote:
> I'd always thought that the reason for Isabella's regularly changing basal
> needs was to do with growth hormones, but maybe it's still her pancreas
> producing insulin in fits and starts, is this possible? How long might this
> go on for as it is really quite difficult dealing with changing insulin
> needs every few weeks, sometimes from week to week. We find that we just get
> her on a really stable profile and then hey presto we start to see climbing
> or falling sugars at a particular time of day and it's all change again. Do
> others with small children experience this? It was the same when she was
> MDI, and the first point of the day to change is always the time between 7pm
> and midnight for some reason.
> Also, quite a few mentions on recent emails of the liver chucking out
> glucose if there is too little insulin. I think we have experienced this a
> number of times after she's been stable on 0.05 basal for several hours
> suddenly her sugars will climb dramatically. Why does this happen? Is the
> only way to prevent it to have a snack and a bolus every couple of hours on
> a low basal? This would seem to defeat the idea of having a 'starvation'
> basal rate.
> Thanks,
> Marisa
> On 10/04/2008, J wrote:
>> I've no idea when insulin is likely to be produced if it's still
>> being made. I think my son still has some insulin production judging
>> by his dose compared to body weight and relatively easy to control
>> BGs (though I think this may be tailing off now). As far as we can
>> tell is seems to be released at a fairly consistent but low level, so
>> he needs plenty of insulin with food but seems to need less basal
>> insulin. But it is probably an individual thing. I've heard others
>> who say that the insulin is produced sporadically, in fits and spurts
>> and they found BGs easier to control when production stopped, so the
>> opposite of our experience.
>> It's possible that you would still have insulin on board from a lunch
>> time bolus or the basal insulin before you need the low afternoon
>> basal rate. The level of humalog (Novorapid is similar but lasts
>> slightly longer I think) is quite high for 2 hours and then tails off
>> during the third hour. This graph shows the level of Humalog in the
>> blood over time, http://cgibin.rcn.com/johncm/images/HvsR.jpg. If you
>> kept the low basal rate for 3-4 hours you might then see the glycagon
>> caused increase mentioned before.
>> I thought Emily needed very low basal rates in the afternoon, but
>> after various problems we decided to start from scratch again and re-
>> set basal rates to the recommended levels in the pump manual and
>> adjusted from there. The basal rate total was quite a bit higher so
>> we reduced bolus rates at the same time to balance this. We ended up
>> with a similar basal pattern through most of the day though with
>> fewer changes in basal rate and less of a difference between the
>> highest and lowest rates. The daily basal total increased from 9
>> units to 17.5 units. The afternoon basal rates are still the lowest
>> during the day but are higher than they were (used to be 0.1 and 0.2
>> but are now 0.6) and we are not getting afternoon hypos. Either her
>> insulin needs have changed or we were always giving too much bolus
>> insulin at lunch time which resulted in an artificially low afternoon
>> basal rate.
>> Best wishes,
>> Jos
>> On 10 Apr 2008 at 14:43, Tom Falconer wrote:
>>> Is it possible to only be producing insulin for a few hours a day? I
>>> have a very low rate, 0.05, for two hours each afternoon, and still go
>>> hypo if I am not careful.
>>> Regards,
>>> Tom
>>> J wrote:
>>>> Is there any chance at all that you are still producing some of your
>>>> own insulin? It seems amazing that you can be nearly completely
>>>> without insulin (as you surely must be after about 3 hours at 0.05
>>>> per hour) without seeing an increase in BG. Once insulin levels are
>>>> that low there would be no way for glucose to enter your cells, your
>>>> body would think it's starving and glucagon is released from the
>>>> pancreas to convert glycogen to glucose in the liver.
>>>> The Ragnor Hanas has a good chapter about exercise and type 1
>>>> diabetes and it's available on Google books,
>>>> http://books.google.co.uk/books?id=2lyIu4_5r4IC&pg=PP1&dq=type+1+diabe
>>>> tes+ragnar+hanas&sig=AWgoiNjOxRsK92VmGbqRJLrqll4#PPA246,M1
>>>> or mini link if the above wraps badly,
>>>> http://lnk.nu/books.google.co.uk/jqs
>>>> Jos
>>>> On 10 Apr 2008 at 9:09, Fiona Hunt wrote:
>>>>> Yes, we go walking for maybe 4- 7 hours and it can be quite tough and
>>>>> hilly. I
>>>>> was in a blizzard last Sunday - so much for Spring! I use the same
>> regime
>>>>> when cycling (on road) also. Sometimes I wonder whether zero basal
>> would
>>>>> be better to save me eating so much but common sense prevails and I
>> just
>>>>> set the pump to the lowest basal rate of 0.05. As I write this
>> though, I
>>>>> realise I could set a profile with alternating 0.05 and 0 for each
>> half
>>>>> hour which would effectively half the basal - I might try that!
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