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RE: [IPk] temporary basal rate and walking

Is there any chance at all that you are still producing some of your 
own insulin? It seems amazing that you can be nearly completely 
without insulin (as you surely must be after about 3 hours at 0.05 
per hour) without seeing an increase in BG. Once insulin levels are 
that low there would be no way for glucose to enter your cells, your 
body would think it's starving and glucagon is released from the 
pancreas to convert glycogen to glucose in the liver. 

The Ragnor Hanas has a good chapter about exercise and type 1 
diabetes and it's available on Google books, 

or mini link if the above wraps badly, 


On 10 Apr 2008 at 9:09, Fiona Hunt wrote:

> Yes, we go walking for maybe 4- 7 hours and it can be quite tough and
>  hilly. I
> was in a blizzard last Sunday - so much for Spring! I use the same regime
> when cycling (on road) also. Sometimes I wonder whether zero basal would
> be better to save me eating so much but common sense prevails and I just
> set the pump to the lowest basal rate of 0.05. As I write this though, I
> realise I could set a profile with alternating 0.05 and 0 for each half
> hour which would effectively half the basal - I might try that!
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