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RE: [IPk] temporary basal rate and walking

I don't go walking, but my garden is on a hill. When I need to mow the lawn
I have to suspend insulin delivery and eat some carbs. Then I have a reduced
basal for the rest of that day, and sometimes the following morning.(working
on that theory perhaps if I cut the grass every day I wouldn't need insulin
at all). LOL

Joyce Jones
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> Subject: RE: [IPk] temporary basal rate and walking
>  Yes, we go walking for maybe 4- 7 hours and it can be quite tough and
> hilly. I
> was in a blizzard last Sunday - so much for Spring! I use the same regime
> when
> cycling (on road) also. Sometimes I wonder whether zero basal would be
> better to
> save me eating so much but common sense prevails and I just set the pump
> to the
> lowest basal rate of 0.05. As I write this though, I realise I could set a
> profile with alternating 0.05 and 0 for each half hour which would
> effectively
> half the basal - I might try that!
> Fiona
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> Diana Maynard
> Sent: 10 April 2008 09:02
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> Subject: Re: [IPk] temporary basal rate and walking
> Wow, that's pretty much no insulin for quite some hours (don't know how
> long you go walking for at a time)!
> I know that my body needs a certain amount of insulin no matter how
> energetic I am being, otherwise my BG will start going through the roof
> (in the same way that BG rises rather than drops with exercise if you
> start with a too high BG) - for me I can't exercise with less than about
> 0.5 units/hour going in (apart from short periods of time - an hour at
> the most) otherwise my BG will rise - although I may also need to
> supplement that with extra carbs. I normally have about 0.9 units/hour
> during the day though (although less at night), so my insulin needs
> overall are a lot higher.
> Di
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