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Re: [IPk] temporary basal rate and walking

Wow, that's pretty much no insulin for quite some hours (don't know how 
long you go walking for at a time)!
I know that my body needs a certain amount of insulin no matter how 
energetic I am being, otherwise my BG will start going through the roof 
(in the same way that BG rises rather than drops with exercise if you 
start with a too high BG) - for me I can't exercise with less than about 
0.5 units/hour going in (apart from short periods of time - an hour at 
the most) otherwise my BG will rise - although I may also need to 
supplement that with extra carbs. I normally have about 0.9 units/hour 
during the day though (although less at night), so my insulin needs 
overall are a lot higher.

Fiona Hunt wrote:
> Sammy,
>  I regularly go hill-walking at the weekends locally (I live in the Scottish
> Borders). I drop my basal to 0.05 units/hour at least an hour before I start
> until an hour after I finish and also under-bolus for carbs I eat during the
> day. Mu usual day time basal rates are between 0.2 and 0.6 units/hour. So
> somewhat different to Di's answer....
> Fiona
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