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Re: [IPk] temporary basal rate and walking

Hi Sammy
I do a lot of walking and have been on a couple of walking and cycling 
holidays (both a week long).
Personally I cope with the actual walking by mainly underbolusing for my 
  food and leaving the basals the same (unless I'm running low in which 
case I'll turn the pump off for half an hour or so). I find it much 
easier to keep my BGs level that way. So for example I might bolus half 
the amount I'd normally bolus for breakfast and lunch, for the amount of 
carbs I'll eat. And have snacks during the day as necessary (with or 
without bolusing for them depending on my BG). of course keeping plenty 
of glucose tabs etc to hand while walking.
In the evenings this is when my BG really drops. I usually need to 
reduce the bolus for my evening meal (often by as much as 1/2) and then 
turn my overnight basal down by about 1/3 also.
I agree that it is rubbish trying to walk all day with a high BG - in a 
way a low is easier to deal with as the BG tends to come up pretty quick 
after a good slurp of Lucozade. You might have to stop for 10 mins or so 
till it comes back up but that's easier to deal with than feeling 
rubbish for hours!

If course everyone is different, but personally I think dropping your 
basal to 30% while walking is probably too much of a drop. I'd go with 
50% reduction at the most, perhaps even less, and use carbs rather than 
lowering your basal too much. Of course you can play it by ear as you go.

Do watch out also for a sudden skyrocketing of BG when you stop walking 
(that happens to me sometimes but it also comes crashing down later if I 
treat it too agressively). Just test a lot and make your adjustments 
with great caution!

Good luck and have fun!


email @ redacted wrote:
 > don't know if anyone on here is into the whole walking/camping/being attacked
> by killer sheep and horses business but i'm doing my silver practice walk for
> duke of ed this weekend and i'm not sure how much to drop my basal whilst im
 > walking and overnight, i'm thinking down to 30% whilst walking and then at
 > at night whilst on the campsite eating undercooked pasta etc :) i'm not sure
> this is too low and i don't want to drop it too much as last time my infusion
 > set pulled out overnight and i walked feeling high and rubbish and then on
 > second day had to not walk because i had ketones and i could really do
without a
> repeat performance. what does anyone else do when walking long distance.
>   Sammy
> .
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