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Re: [IPk] Whats worth getting - different pumps

Hi Paul

I agree working out a bolus calculation isn't rocket science, I've managed so
far on MDI with out one well except for the odd occasion that's I've resorted
to pen and paper ;-)

At the moment I've only got the 3 dates for the training side of things, as I
phoned my consultants secretary last week, still waiting for the letter to be
sent through should have it by the end of next week.  I am hoping that the
letter will contain a lot more information rather than what time and where to
turn up for the training side!  Things what pump or (hopefully) choice of
pumps we are/can have etc.

I did phone up the Accu-Chek care line, it sounds like the Smart Pix software
is very much like the One-touch software that I already use with my
Ultra-smart meter can enter a lot of information and create a graph or two to
get a overview of whats happen (but it just don't quite sing and dance) the
Pocket Compass software does sound like it can do more than either the
Smart-pix or One-touch...  I was glad to here that they are changing to the
Treo palm PDA, as this is very much  like a Blackberry and being able to put a
Sim card in, really means that I wouldn't be carrying around any more items as
it would replace my mobile phone...  I was impressed as they said that they
would post me the blurb for the pump and the software, so I expected it to
arrive at the weekend or early next week.  But I got this morning not bad at

The one thing that  I did forget to ask the care line was the actual cost of
the Pocket Compass and the PDA!


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I have the spirit pump by AccuChek.  Had it for about 3 months.  Just
the smart-pix reader to download pump and meter data.  not received the meter
yet but can see great value in comparing what insulin is being delivered and
what BGs Im having - especially over a period of few days/weeks.

I'm now waiting for the treo phone to be made available around may time.

the pump itself doesnt have a bolus wizard on it and I suppose in comparison
to some is fairly basic, but calculating your bolus isnt exactly rocket
science.  Also having a spare pump is what sold it to me.  And the extras
being downloadable meter readings and pump readings etc.

Welcome to the next generation of Windows Live
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