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RE: [IPk] RE: Health insurance for America

Hi, Thanks Rich & Melissa for your detailed answers, I'm gonna print them off
as they have lots of valuable info for me to look at.    It's Florida that's
got us all America struck, we were hoping to get somewhere in St Cloud, no too
touristy and close enough to attractions.    I got the Canada and Australia
wont have me, from reading on their countrys immigration website, the official
ones, and when I read the information about general state of health that an
applying person has to have, I just wouldnt pass.  We have friends who
emmigrated to Australia, who are quite strict, and they actually failed their
medical because they were both overweight, they had to go on diets and have a
family member to sponsor them in. The same friends mother got refused because
she had previously had breast cancer, and was told she had to be in remission
for 5 years I think. (cant be sure of time limit)   Also, when I read the
points system they operate, we did quite well proffession wise, they enter my
health (diabetees T1, neuropathy, B12 def, Thyroid) and our points drop right
into a minus score!!  So it looks like I'm on the emmigration scrapheap at
just 34!  We want to emigrate so much I have even considered doing a nursing
course for 3 years then I could get in a job with healthcare, but I'm quite
happy in the job I'm in, and I need carefully about a career change.  But
thanks loads for all your answers.  Hope you get your supplies sorted out too
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