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RE: [IPk] RE: Health insurance for America


The Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh has put me on a waiting list for approval of
Diabetic Pump support, even though I ALREADY have one. Until such time that
the approval comes through I am forced to supply all of my own consumables.
Which they tell me can take up to a year, probably not that long they say, but
it could. Unless I want to stop using my brand new 722 Medtronic Pump, which I
upgraded out of my own pocket, and go back on shots I'm forced to pay for
everything but insulin and strips out of my own pocket.

Medtronic in the UK charges 133 pounds per box of 10 Quick set inserts. In the
US the exact same thing costs $116, or roughly 60 pounds because of the
current exchange rates. Since I'll be in the US anyhow, and still have a valid
prescription with Medtronic, I've opted to purchase my supplies there and
carry them back with me.

Frankly I'm not at all impressed with the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh. There
are a lot of other names I could use for it, but I don't want to even start
cause I won't stop till a dock worker blushes.Rich

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