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RE: [IPk] RE: Health insurance for America


I've just moved here from the states, about two months ago, so I have at least
some insights into how things work there.

It's true that if you don't have insurance you can really get screwed for any
major medical. If you're going to be in the states for 3 plus months you might
want to check into major medical insurance. It'll be pretty much worthless for
the day to day stuff, but if you end up in the hospital for something it'll
cover most of it.

With that said. And no insults to the crappy NHS nightmare I'm fighting. I'm
flying back to the states this week and will be there for 5 days. While I'm
there I'm picking up inserts, reservoirs, and a pump clip. All total it'll
cost me about $150 USD and last me about a month. Or 75 pounds here. Which I
thought was overly expensive until I realized it's  about 1/2 of what
Medtronic wants for the same thing here in the UK. Test strips without
insurance will run you about $40 a box of 50. Outrageausly expensive in my
opinion, so take plenty with you before you go. Have you ever taken a test
strip apart? They cost penny's or less to make and cost almost a dollar. It's
a heck of a scam.

You will need a doctors prescription to get diabetic supplies like insulin,
inserts, etc, so be aware of that. Most small towns have a local clinic you
can go to for a hundred dollars or so and get a checkup, prescriptions, etc.
Large towns and cities will have lots of them. It's not a good system when you
don't have insurance, and to get decent insurance you need to work for a
largish company. It can be frustrating. Hmmm... Like my dealing with NHS. (-:
But if you plan ahead it won't be too bad. I think novalog was about $95 a
bottle without insurance, so watch for that.

Do some research on clinics like "Doctors on Duty", "Urgent Care"  and other
US wide clinics. They are pretty inexpensive and a lot of people us their
clinics for general checkups and the like, they are geared toward people
without big insurance.

What part of the US are you looking to move to? Just curious. I've lived in,
ready?, Washington, Alaska, Mississippi, Montana, California, Kentucky,
Florida, and Georgia. I used to work for IBM, or as it's affectionately known,
I've Been Moved, plus spent time in the military.

Good luck and if you have any specific questions feel free to drop me a note.


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Health insurance for America> Date: Tue, 8 Apr 2008 09:06:49 +0000> > Insulin
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contribution will eliminate this header from your IP mail> > Hi,> Hope someone
can give me some advice here. My family and I have fallen in love> with
America, and its become our dream to buy property there and spend the> maximum
of 3 months there at some point. I am worried about my health whilst> there,
what sort of things would health insurance cover for me? bearing in> mind I
would take everything from home with me, but in case I had some faulty>
cannulas, blood strips etc and how would I go about purchasing them whilst>
there? and if I have to see a doctor do I have to pay and then pay for my>
perscription as well? I've read horror stories about people ending up in>
thousands of pounds of debt after becoming ill in America as their insurance>
has a limit. Also, if we got employment there and got a working visa, how>
much approx would it cost me to fund my own consumables? and would I have to>
pay for my own HBA1c's whilst there and my other meds like Pregablin,>
Thyroxine, B12 etc? Its such a pity that England is one of the few countries>
which cant enter the Green Card lottery ! Its times like these I really> curse
being diabetic as I feel it is stopping me doing what I really want to> do in
life. Australia wont have us either because of it, or Canada. Whatever>
happened to equal opps?, it really grinds me. Cheers, mel>
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