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Re: [IPk] Whats worth getting? Different pumps.

Hi Karen and All

Oh, how I agree with everything you have said.  I have tried to say a few of 
these points since I started on my Animas (1010 I'm afraid) on 1 May last 
year.  I was not able to compare with others as you have done as I had only 
used the Medtronic 508 and was being urged to stay with Medtronic.  I fought 
like made for this.  You have said it all so eloquently.  I think Animas 
should look at what you have said for their advertising literature.  Just 
one thing, how do you set 2 different target BGs?  I have not worked that 


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Sent: Monday, April 07, 2008 2:55 PM
Subject: [IPk] Whats worth getting? Different pumps.

> In reply to thos asking about differnt oumps. Sarah used Medtronic for 
> about
> a year and then the Cozmo for the past 3 years. we have experienced quite 
> a
> lot of dleivery problems and pump failure and have been trialling the 
> Animas
> 2020 for the past 3 weeks.
> It really is a superior pump to both the Minimed and
> Cozmo.. shame we were unable to start on an Animas!
> The main benefits:
> 1. Minimum basal of 0.025 per hour - this would be
> great for kids or insulin sensitive people on low basals.
> Basals can be set in 0.025
> increments and bolus in 0.05. More accurate delivery
> at lower basal rates.
> 2. Continuous delivery every 3 mins: much better than
> MM and really makes a difference if disconnected for
> short periods for games or bath etc.
> 3. Much stronger robust body, particularly around
> insulin cartridge. Both Cozmo and MM prone to cracking
> around the reservoir. Cozmo alos having problems with battery cap.
> 4. Waterproof.
> 5. Insulin cartridge REALLY easy to fill without
> bubbles, no problems with bubbles even when flying.
> Only drawback is it holds 200units (rather than 300)
> which in practise, after priming means about 150u left
> so needs changing every 2 to 3 days.
> 6. Insulin on Board calculator is very accurate as
> based on alogorithmic curve rather than straight line
> basis. We have been able to rely on pumps'
> calculations which is far easier and more convenient
> for Sarah. It can be set for whatever duration of insulin action is
> required.
> 7. On board carb data base is brilliant! Can not only
> enter carb values for 500 items, but can also do
> typical portion sizes and mixed meals. Great for
> school lunches and giving Sarah a lot more
> independence and relieves need to carry around carb
> books.
> 8. EZbolus wizard is really easy and good. There is
> the option to change the target BG, the carb ratio and
> the correction factor when you input the BG. This is
> really useful and means you dont need to override the
> pump. We are using a target BG of 6 during the day and
> 7 at night. The Cozmo only let you have one fixed
> target and the insulin and carb ratios could only be
> changed by going into settings and reprogramming which was more of a 
> hassle.
> Also the IOB is calculated and knocked off any bolus for
> adjustments but not for food, so allows for overlap
> meals and boluses or to eat when high if necessary.
> 9. Auto retest alarm with each bolus with option to
> set for 1 to 4 hours after bolus. This is really handy
> also as can be set when needed rather than being fixed as on or off..
> 10. Minor benefit... but important to Sarah is that it
> comes in pink!!
> 11. It is smaller, neater and easier to wear. The leur
> lock system on the cartridge/reservoir is much better than the
> Cozmo with an additonal O-ring at the top, so this is
> really minimising bubbles in the reservoir and
> subsequently the tube. The top of the leur is
> rubberised and soft, so this makes it more comfortable
> and digs in less. The MM doesn't have a leur system at all which in 
> practise
> means
> people get a lot of bubble problems which affects control and the site
> itself if air gets into
> the site it oxidizes with the insulin (well with Humalog, not sure about
> Novorapid)
> 12. Battery (lithium- Animas supplied)has lasted a
> full 3 weeks with all alerts on and vibrate, we were
> changing it on the Cozmo every 4 to 5 days.
> 13. Very easy to use and operate..large colour screen
> is very clear.
> The only drawbacks I have found are easily
> surmoutable:
> 1: Only 12 basal segments... I think Cozmo had 24 but
> we used about 14. We've just almagated a few and its
> working fine.
> 2.: Temporary basal only in 10% increments rather than
> 5%. We often used 85% when when active, so now we have
> to use 80% or 90%.
> 3.: As mentioned, smaller reservoir.- but more than compensated by ease of
> filling, extra
> strength of plastic and o-rings.
> 4. Need to disconnect and rewind reservoir when doing
> battery change, again this is no big deal.
> I really must say having used the other pumps that in
> my humble opinion the Animas is all round a much
> better pump and far more suited to kids and easier to
> use. There really is no need to do any calculations as
> the pump's wizards are so good.
> Animas in the US is working with Dexcom and hope to
> have intergrated the Dexcom cmgs into the Animas pump
> by next year. All reports I've heard about the Dexcom
> are good and it apparantly is much better at picking
> up sharp falls than the MM guardian. The sensors also
> last around 8 days and are about the size of a
> sillouette cannula. not licensed here yet, but we hope to get
> one when we're in the US this summer and obvioulsy
> we'll fund this ourselves.
> Hope that helps
> Karen ( Mum to Sarah age 12.50, diabetic 10 yeras, pumping 4+ years also
> hypothyroidism, also mum to David age 16, planning on studying medicine 
> and
> endcrinology and hopefully finding a cure for diabetes).
> .
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