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[IPk] Whats worth getting? Different pumps.

In reply to thos asking about differnt oumps. Sarah used Medtronic for about
a year and then the Cozmo for the past 3 years. we have experienced quite a
lot of dleivery problems and pump failure and have been trialling the Animas
2020 for the past 3 weeks.

It really is a superior pump to both the Minimed and
Cozmo.. shame we were unable to start on an Animas!

The main benefits:
1. Minimum basal of 0.025 per hour - this would be
great for kids or insulin sensitive people on low basals.
Basals can be set in 0.025
increments and bolus in 0.05. More accurate delivery
at lower basal rates.

2. Continuous delivery every 3 mins: much better than
MM and really makes a difference if disconnected for
short periods for games or bath etc.

3. Much stronger robust body, particularly around
insulin cartridge. Both Cozmo and MM prone to cracking
around the reservoir. Cozmo alos having problems with battery cap.

4. Waterproof.

5. Insulin cartridge REALLY easy to fill without
bubbles, no problems with bubbles even when flying.
Only drawback is it holds 200units (rather than 300)
which in practise, after priming means about 150u left
so needs changing every 2 to 3 days.

6. Insulin on Board calculator is very accurate as
based on alogorithmic curve rather than straight line
basis. We have been able to rely on pumps'
calculations which is far easier and more convenient
for Sarah. It can be set for whatever duration of insulin action is

7. On board carb data base is brilliant! Can not only
enter carb values for 500 items, but can also do
typical portion sizes and mixed meals. Great for
school lunches and giving Sarah a lot more
independence and relieves need to carry around carb

8. EZbolus wizard is really easy and good. There is
the option to change the target BG, the carb ratio and
the correction factor when you input the BG. This is
really useful and means you dont need to override the
pump. We are using a target BG of 6 during the day and
7 at night. The Cozmo only let you have one fixed
target and the insulin and carb ratios could only be
changed by going into settings and reprogramming which was more of a hassle.

Also the IOB is calculated and knocked off any bolus for
adjustments but not for food, so allows for overlap
meals and boluses or to eat when high if necessary.

9. Auto retest alarm with each bolus with option to
set for 1 to 4 hours after bolus. This is really handy
also as can be set when needed rather than being fixed as on or off..

10. Minor benefit... but important to Sarah is that it
comes in pink!!

11. It is smaller, neater and easier to wear. The leur
lock system on the cartridge/reservoir is much better than the
Cozmo with an additonal O-ring at the top, so this is
really minimising bubbles in the reservoir and
subsequently the tube. The top of the leur is
rubberised and soft, so this makes it more comfortable
and digs in less. The MM doesn't have a leur system at all which in practise
people get a lot of bubble problems which affects control and the site
itself if air gets into
the site it oxidizes with the insulin (well with Humalog, not sure about

12. Battery (lithium- Animas supplied)has lasted a
full 3 weeks with all alerts on and vibrate, we were
changing it on the Cozmo every 4 to 5 days.

13. Very easy to use and operate..large colour screen
is very clear.

The only drawbacks I have found are easily
1: Only 12 basal segments... I think Cozmo had 24 but
we used about 14. We've just almagated a few and its
working fine.

2.: Temporary basal only in 10% increments rather than
5%. We often used 85% when when active, so now we have
to use 80% or 90%.

3.: As mentioned, smaller reservoir.- but more than compensated by ease of
filling, extra
strength of plastic and o-rings.

4. Need to disconnect and rewind reservoir when doing
battery change, again this is no big deal.

I really must say having used the other pumps that in
my humble opinion the Animas is all round a much
better pump and far more suited to kids and easier to
use. There really is no need to do any calculations as
the pump's wizards are so good.

Animas in the US is working with Dexcom and hope to
have intergrated the Dexcom cmgs into the Animas pump
by next year. All reports I've heard about the Dexcom
are good and it apparantly is much better at picking
up sharp falls than the MM guardian. The sensors also
last around 8 days and are about the size of a
sillouette cannula. not licensed here yet, but we hope to get
one when we're in the US this summer and obvioulsy
we'll fund this ourselves.

Hope that helps

Karen ( Mum to Sarah age 12.50, diabetic 10 yeras, pumping 4+ years also
hypothyroidism, also mum to David age 16, planning on studying medicine and
endcrinology and hopefully finding a cure for diabetes).
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