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RE: [IPk] What's worth getting and what's not!

Hi Jo

I have no personal experience to the Accu_check pumps though have seen them and
been to demos.  I would be interested to know what users think of   the  Pocket
Compass software and PDA.

> Hi All
> Thanks for your replies, given food for thought or should I say a bit more of
> a head spin...
> Jackie, I do suffer from nighttime hypo's that I sleep through, I find out
 > that I had one when I wake up not being able to see well, banging headache
 > used to put it down to migraines!! Took ages to crack onto what was going on,
> it wasn't until I did the DAFNE course, realised that the reading I was
> getting on these mornings were actually rebound hypo readings rather than the
> good match from the night before....
> So yes the ability of having a combined CGMS would be a very good idea, until
> one realises that I would have to foot the bill for this out of my own
> pocket...  the hospital only has one CGMS and that is in the paediatric
> department not for the adults....
> The other bit the Bolus wizard seems to be a very handy feature indeed, and
> yes this bit is of great interest for me.  I do understand that even though
> this isn't a feature contained on the spirit pump, roach get around this by
> having software for a PDA, that does similar...  So might provide the
> answer...
 > The increments side of things, this is the difficult one, due to I'm not
> to know how much need I'm going to have for a very fine increment until I
> actually start pumping...  As for fine tuning at this point of time, I really
> want to avoid the hypo's, stop a lot of the high BG's and sit around the mark
> that helps to protect further damaged to my kidneys will be fine by me and of
> cause the ability to adjust quickly to how my day is panning out...  the
 > ability to turn the insulin off rather trying to have to feed the insulin
> got on board to try to prevent a hypo when what was going to be my routine
> goes belly up will be brilliant...
 > what I've done is e-mailed roach explaining that I'm starting pump therapy,
 > the hospital using the Accu-Chek spirit as there choice of pump, can they
> some information about what is included in the basic pump package, info on
> tubes/connectors and more information of the Pocket Compass software and what
> PDA or Specs they recommend to use with the software etc...
> So I will have a look at this before I finally decide,
> At the moment hubby is saying go with the hospital choice and make life much
> easier for yourself!  I think at this point of time it is a case will the PDA
> and Pocket Compass software make up for built in features of other pumps?
> Jo
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> From: Hannah Lawrence <email @ redacted>
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> Sent: Sunday, 6 April, 2008 1:25:12 PM
> Subject: Re: [IPk] What's worth getting and what's not!
> Hi Jo
> I guess it depends at what stage you are at in your diabetes control when you
> consider how many functions you need. For example, when I got my pump I was
> used to my bg's running at about 18, so getting them down just below 10 was
> going to be a miracle, never mind anything else.  Now I have done that most
> of
> the time and I am running my bg's at a much better level, but I'm still not
> at
> a point where I am concerned if my bg's are a few above target and are at 7.5
> isntead of 5.5.  If you are at this stage and are happy just to get some
> control, you don't need all of the different fucitons and the ability to vary
> your basals by 0.25 even.  Of course, once you have gained more control, you
> may wish to then be more precise in control, but I personally do not want to
> have to devote anymore of my time to worry about my bg's and am happy not to
> go into anymore detail.
> But it's all a personal choice!
> BW
> Hannah
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> From: Jackie Jacombs <email @ redacted>
> To: email @ redacted
> Sent: Saturday, 5 April, 2008 7:53:02 PM
> Subject: RE: [IPk] What's worth getting and what's not!
> Hi June and Jo
> This is a very important point. One of the parents on the UK CWD lists was
> give
> an Accu-Chek Spirit pump and her daughter, under 5 has very small insulin
> needs
> and it has been very difficult  because they cannot give small enough basal
> increments  and they are trying to get the hospital to let them change to
> another pump like the Animas.
> There are also several parents using the Animas pumps because their children
> have very low insulin needs even though these children are not very young
> children.
> Jo do you have lots of problems with hypo awareness during the day or night?
> Maybe a pump where sensors are an option might be a good idea.
> Jackie
> > Hi Jo
> >
> > Do you think you may need to vary the amount of your insulin by very small
> > amounts?  This was the reason I changed to the Animas.  It can vary amounts
> > by as little as 0.025 units.  If I have different settings at say 8 hours
> > apart and want a very small amount less basal over this time therefore, I
> > can change an amount by 0.025 units per hour and the total will be still
> > only 0.02 different from before.  I wouldn't be without this.  It is
> > possibly to change by this amount of other pumps but only by messing about
> > with the settings a lot more.  The Animas also gives excellent results when
> > I need to make corrections and allow for insulin given earlier and not used
> > and present blood glucose readings.
> >
> > I recommend you think carefully.  I was not given a choice and my first 4
> > years caused me many nighttime hypos.
> >
> > June
> > contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org
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