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Re: [IPk] John's basal rates

>Anyway, it will be interesting to see how you get on with your new basals!

Still little news on the new basal rate front, Di.

I idly woke up at 3:30am this morning. No idea why. Struth! My pump 
was lying disconnected from me on my bedside table! I'd put it there 
when I'd got changed for bed last night... My wife's away at the 
moment - back tonight (hurrah!) - so things are mildly more stressed 
but not much. (Or am I less stressed because my wife is not around 
nagging me all the time ;-) I was mildly hypo when I went to bed - at 
least that's my excuse. I'd run out of glucose tablets, and was 
waiting for the custard and raspberries to come through the system. 
Anyhow, at 3:30am I reconnected, bolused 4 units, rolled over and 
went back to sleep. Didn't even check my BG, which is shocking I 
know. Woke at 7am - BG was 7.5. So everything seems resolved well 
enough by my standards.

Oh, and then I hit No Delivery alarm with my breakfast bolus. Out of 
insulin. Noticed I was low at 3:30am, but reckoned there was enough 
to get me through to breakfast. That would be my first refill since 
the concert-fiasco last Saturday. 6 days doesn't seem very long... 
(Last 6 days total-daily-doses are 31.6, 30.0, 33.6, 34.4, 40.4, 
32.9) Come to think of it, that last refill was not a full refill, as 
I ran out of insulin in my current bottle, and couldn't be bothered 
to get another bottle out of the fridge AND warm it to room 

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