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RE: [IPk] - frustrated confusion

Hi There

I have just read all the posts re pregnancy and diabetes and would like to 
tell you my experiences.

I was diagnosed diabetic when I was 21 and had my first baby at 26. I was 
not seen any more frequently than non-diabetics and had just 2 scans from 
beginning to end. This was 16 years ago.
I didn't test BG at all! Labour was induced at 38 weeks and my daughter 
weighed 8lbs 8oz.
My second pregnancy was different, I kept having bad hypos, ending up in 
hospital. My father-in-law bought me my first meter to test my BG's.  A few 
more scans this time and he, too was born at 38 weeks ( induced ) and 
weighed 9lbs.
My third however, wasn't planned and, although my BG's are always within 
range ie <7 I started to get enormous. I had many more scans this time and, 
realising this one was bigger. had labour induced at 37 weeks. He was born 
weighing 12lbs 5oz !!!! My consultant and Dr couldn't understand why this 
had happened and put it down to the fact that perhaps I am just inclined to 
have bigger babies.
When I discovered I was pregnant a fourth time, i was a bit wary. However, 
she too was born at 38 weeks, weighing 9lbs.
Then a few years later we found out we were expecting number 5. Becky was 
born almost 2 years ago and again born at 38 weeks weighing a tiny 7lbs 8oz. 
As far as I am aware my treatment didn't vary that much so to have such 
wildly differing birth weights is quite an anomoly.
I still have my BG results for my last pregnancy. I was using Actrapid and 
Insulatard and was taking a total of 63 units on discovering I was pregnant. 
My requirements started to increase at about 8-9 weeks and at the end had 
risen to 99 units.
Hope this helps. Best of luck.


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>Subject: RE: [IPk] - frustrated confusion
>Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2004 08:51:14 +0100
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>Hi Fiona,
>did you find that your insullin needs went DOWN as you got near the end?  I 
>have read that insulin needs do go up (mine haven't actually gone up as 
>much as I would have expected - only from 30 to max of around 50 units a 
>day), and that reducing insulin needs can be a bad sign, but my dr told me 
>the other day that lower needs can mean baby is on its way....
>Do you have any experience with this?  Do you remember when you needs 
>stopped going up?
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