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Re: [IPk] Where to hide a pump - on holidays

Hi Louise,

If you are having around 15 units as bolus a day, at 1 unit per 5g,
that's 75g CHO, which is 300 calories.  Which on a 1750 calorie a day
diet is less than 20% of calories from CHO - which leads me to conclude
that you need such a lot of insulin per gram of carbohydrate because
it's only a small part of your diet: if you ate less fat and protein and
more carbohydrate, then you'ld need less insulin per gram.

But, as I said before, 'who cares?' if this is 
a) the diet you want to eat, and
b) you are achieving the level of control you want, and
c) there's nothing 'wrong' with your diet ... then who cares what your
insulin to carb ratio is????

The 'small amount' of CHO needed to raise the bg is a pumper thing,
rather than a low-carb thing: I (with around 10g CHO to 1 unit) need
only two glucose tabs (around 6g) to treat most hypos.  Biscuits should
NEVER (unless they are only carb around) be used to treat 'normal'
pumper hypos, because of their high fat content (ditto goes for
chocolate) - they continue to raise the bg for hours.

Most pumper hypos are small dips below 4, which need only a few grams of
fast acting carbohydrate to correct.  When I first started pumping, I
followed the '15g CHO and re-measure bgs in 15 mins' rule.  And found I
was massively high - and guessed this was not from rebound, so dropped
to 9g CHO, and then 6g, and sometimes for over 3.5 only 3g!).  I have on
a small number of occassions had to have more carbohydrate after 15 mins
- again this is very different to the hypos on mdi.

On mdi, as well as the correctional glucose, one also is recommended to
eat something like chocolate, biscuits or a sandwich, as it's assumed
that the bg will continue to fall.  With a pump, this simply isn't

Best wishes,

dm 30+, 508 3+

 In message <email @ redacted
>, Louise Kempton <email @ redacted> writes
>Di, Rachel
>Thanks for the tips.  I have one of those Frio bags from last year which I
>can put the pump into while I sun worship.  I did buy a few pair of short
>shorts with pockets yesterday, having anticipated the embarrassing bikini
>falling down incidents!  
>Pat thanks for your response.  My basal is 15.8 units per day (so about
>50-60% of my total).  I am just curious as to whether there is any
>particular reason why I seem so CHO sensitive.  Although it has its good
>points, means I don't need to eat half the contents of the cookie jar to
>correct a hypo.
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Pat Reynolds
email @ redacted
   "It might look a bit messy now, 
                    but just you come back in 500 years time" 
   (T. Pratchett)
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