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RE: [IPk] Pregnancy questions for pumpers

Congratulations Audrey

 I can't advise you on the insulin pump issue as I am not pumping or diabetic,
but both of my twin
 daughters were in Special Care for two months , I had to have them so early as
Sasha has stopped growing
 and only weighed 2lbs 3oz at birth. Just over a Kilo! Rebecca was twice the
weight!! While we were
 in, we saw quite a few babies come and go, usually only in there for 24 hours
because they had low blood
 sugars. None of the mums were diabetic. Believe me, Special Care don't keep
your baby in a minute
 longer than needed, it costs the NHS a lot. They usually can't wait to get you
out as they are so busy.
 It's nice in SCBU, quite calm and reassuring, you can usually be with your baby
anytime you like anyway.
 If there's no problem they let you go home very early these days. Lots of the
babies who are just in for
 observation are just in the normal plastic open cots not incubators or anything
like that, some are only
 taken there for a few hours then go back to their mums on the "normal" ward.
Better to be safe.

Mum of Sasha aged 8 dx 1999, twin sister Rebecca, both coeliac 2001
Mum also to Danni and Nicola, wife to Terry

> For those of you who have had pump pregnancies, I would be grateful for some
> advice:
> *	Where did you put your pump overnight as you got bigger?  I normally
> use one of those waist band things for overnight (and exercise) but the
> velcro is fast approaching the end at present!  Any suggestions welcome.
> *	Did you wear your pump in labour, or let the hospital use an insulin
> infusion?  I am not sure if I should push to stay on the pump or it will
> just be too much to cope with in labour if my BG goes higher.
> *	Did your consultant let you go full term or did they stick to
> policy?
> *	Did your baby automatically go to the neo natal unit?  My consultant
> has informed me that this is their policy - I agree entirely if there is a
> problem but not just because I am diabetic and it is there policy - should I
> argue my case?  Or am I a naove first time mother?
> As I say, any advice would be gratefully welcomed.
> Audrey Sheal
> IDDM 22 years +; Minimed 508 2 years +
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