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Re: [IPk] Pregnancy questions for pumpers

I can't speak from a pump perspective regarding pregnancy, but just from type 
1 and pregnancy/birth. I had to have a c/s (policy here for diabetes)! My 
daughter did go straight to the special care neonatal unit, but that is 
policy for c/s births anyway and I knew she would be going there and would be 
in good hands (I worked on maternity for many years). She was returned to me 
sooner than I thought....she was screaming so loud it was either back to me 
or the car park! LOL! But she did go slightly hypo after delivery (but that 
was later debated as they found the machines weren't working properly) and 
did have a bit of congestion due to the mucus and the c/s birth. I was in a 
worse state than she was and the reason they kept her there for two days was 
simply to make sure she was getting her feeds as I wanted to breastfeed and 
wasn't well enough.
I have heard since that the policy here has now changed re delivery for type 
1's. The birth may be quite 'high tech' even with a normal delivery, though, 
and it's usually standard to have medical and peadiatric teams around as well 
as the obstetric staff just to be on the safe side.Your BG's are more likely 
to drop than rise due to the hard work involved! Just make sure the medical 
team involved know that your BG's nad isnulin requirements will drop 
dramatically quickly as soon as the placenta is removed. (Your insulin 
requirements will probably have risen a fair bit during pregnancy). I don't 
know how the pump would work regarding this. There will probably others here 
who can answer that.
Good luck and hope everything goes well.
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