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Re: [IPk] Pregnancy questions for pumpers

hi i cant help with the pump issue ,as i havnt got one, but i have been
diabetic since the age of 6 and have 3 little boys,i would argue about them
going straight to special care, this was not a policy at my hospital and
although my 2nd and 3rd sons did go to special care as they went hypo my 1st
son didnt need to and stayed with me from birth which was lovely.i also
escaped having the sliding scale insulin drip set up with my first 2 boys
and had very normal labours and deliveries, so if everything is ok so should
u be able to. if u are interested i have set up a site for pregnant
diabetics and those who already have kids, it is http://groups.msn
     love gailxxxx

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Date: Wednesday, April 30, 2003 14:50:58
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Subject: [IPk] Pregnancy questions for pumpers

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For those of you who have had pump pregnancies, I would be grateful for some

* Where did you put your pump overnight as you got bigger? I normally
use one of those waist band things for overnight (and exercise) but the
velcro is fast approaching the end at present! Any suggestions welcome.
* Did you wear your pump in labour, or let the hospital use an insulin
infusion? I am not sure if I should push to stay on the pump or it will
just be too much to cope with in labour if my BG goes higher.
* Did your consultant let you go full term or did they stick to
* Did your baby automatically go to the neo natal unit? My consultant
has informed me that this is their policy - I agree entirely if there is a
problem but not just because I am diabetic and it is there policy - should I
argue my case? Or am I a naove first time mother?

As I say, any advice would be gratefully welcomed.

Audrey Sheal
IDDM 22 years +; Minimed 508 2 years +

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