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Re: [IPk] Remote Code

On Wednesday 30 April 2003 14:43, you wrote:
> Di
> It is on the back of the remote - use the first six digits only.

thanks - thought that might be it but there seemed to be too many numbers!

> By the way, you have all given me a good laugh with your bra-jumping
> antics! I think I am a bit dull as I usually just stick my pump down my
> tights - and hope that it won't fall out when I am walking - having said
> that it has popped out on many an occasion - or if possible I put it in the
> pocket of my trousers.  I do get some strange looks sometimes when I
> retrieve my pump from down my tights though!
> Audrey Sheal
> IDDM 22 years +; Minimed 508 2 years +

I do stick it in the top of my tights sometimes but it's not much help in 
summer when you don't wear tights (or at least, I don't!)
it's kind of hard to get it out your tights in polite company if you're 
wearing a dress too!!!
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