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Re: [IPk] To hold insulin pumps under skimpy clothes!?!

Hi Dave

>      Is it not refered to as "a clutch bag" I must admit I use to carry one
> but found in the end I just seemed to end up carrying loads of stuff I
> never used.

I know women have clutch bags (ie one that you clutch rather than hanging on 
your shoulder) but I've never heard of a man's bag referred to that way. 
However you are probably right....
Isn't it you who lives in France??? Or have I got confused?

>      On a lighter note as we male pumpers do not have these bra problems,
> one would hope or even be pleased to see a web page on "bra jumping test"
> this does sound very informative but don't let my wife know!!!!!

It's very simple, you just jump up and down in the changing room and see if 
the pump falls out :-)
Not sure it's worthy of a whole webpage :-)
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