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RE: [IPk] To hold insulin pumps under skimpy clothes!?!

currently looking for a balldress that comes as separates to solve exactly
that problem! (a good excuse don't you think?!)

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In message <email @ redacted>, Sarah
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>I decided to use the remote control but discovered
>quite how short range it is - must have looked like I was zapping my

Yes - it's a ridiculously short range.  I usually wear my pump on my
waistband, but when I don't have one, I use a thigh thing, which  holds
it up in the hollow of my thigh.  So I have to hold the keyring on my
crotch ... not too indiscreet under the table, but not one for public

I have a friend who is an rf engineer (i.e. designs the key rings for
Rolls Royces and such things) who has said the Minimed remote
very out of date.

I don't like the fact that you can only audio bolus (in a noisy room, I
often can't hear it - a vibrate bolus would be much better), the fact
that you can accidentally stop the pump remotely, the fact that there's
no way of displaying the history of what you've just done, the fact that
it doesn't have all the functions of the pump ....

I've just about given up wearing dresses because of the remote.  But I
do like them for the summer .... Any ideas?

Best wishes,

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