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Re: [IPk] To hold insulin pumps under skimpy clothes!?!

>I agree, but as my dad says, it's easy for a woman to put glucose tabs,
>testing kit, syringes etc in a handbag. Not so easy for a man unless you're
>French or gay :-)

Thank you for your father's erudite observations, Di. You've seen me enough
times: would you say I looked French, gay, or just uneasy with my
gentleman's handbag? I'm not aware I am any of these, but please answer off
list if you disagree!!!

I bought my gentleman's handbag in John Lewis in Bristol about 6 years ago
- 6 months before I got my pump. It remains my lifeline and I wouldn't
dream of leaving the house without it. It contains all the usual junk:
cards, cash, keys, receipts and all that, plus my Psion3a and BG meter +
finger pricker, spare syringe and penfil cartridge of insulin for emergency
use. And a spare infusion set. The one thing that doesn't go in there is my
glucose: they stay in my trouser pocket.


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