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Re: [IPk] To hold insulin pumps under skimpy clothes!?!

> I have put my pump in my bra for exercise/jumping up and down. I use cross
> your heart bras, as recommended by Di! I've never had problems with
> slippage. We had great craic in the dressing room the week before I got my
> pump. Di helped me select bras that she thought would be suitable, and I
> went into the dressing room, tried them on, and jumped up and down like a
> mad woman! Don't remember if I put my yoyo in the bra - that's over three
> years ago! Luckily there was no one other than us in the shop.

I remember it too. In fact whenever I buy a bra, I put my pump in it and jump 
up and down in the changing room!!! 

> Sarah also mentioned a black tie dinner where she wore her pump in her bra.
> These events frustrate me a bit because I generally want to keep a tight
> eye on my insulin useage and blood sugars at these events (don't want to go
> hypo in front of a client or colleague), but having my pump in my bra makes
> it difficult. What we do for fashion!

I know what you mean. At these type of things I usually use the remote 
control and then sort out my blood sugars, test etc in the toilets (I would 
normally do it at the table, but whopping your pump out of your top isn't 
always the done thing!) Though before I had the 508 and remote control, I 
managed to sit next to a bishop at a dinner party and whopped my pump out of 
my cleavage without him noticing (or at least commenting!).

> BTW, most large department stores have a bra fitting service. I'm sure if
> you make an appointment and explain what you're looking for, the sales
> staff will help you find the perfect pump-holding bra for any event.

I always think about this but wimp out of asking them because (a) I feel a 
bit silly and (b) you probably know better yourself what sort of bra a pump 
will fit in securely than they will (I doubt they get asked that kind of 
thing very often) and (c) you'd have to go through the whole procedure of 
explaining the pump and why you need to wear it in your bra and I can just 
imagine it being more stress than finding the right bra yourself! 

But if you were the sort of person that doesn't mind that kind of thing, 
they'd probably be useful!
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