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Re: [IPk] To hold insulin pumps under skimpy clothes!?!

On Tuesday 29 April 2003 15:02, you wrote:
> that's not a bad excuse for buying a low cut top...
> Push-up bras def work best for me and I am not huge chested! I certainly
> don't feel able to get away with putting it in one of the cups without
> feeling lop-sided!
> Sarah

Hi Sarah
Oh, I couldn't put it *in* one of the cups! What I do is put it horizontally 
(or sometimes vertically) in the *centre* between the cups. It works best 
with a sports bra or crossover-type bra - or any bra without underwiring 
really. it doesn't show under tight tops, but the problem is with any kind of 
underwired bra it's not very secure. My problem is always with any kind of 
top or dress with very thin straps where you need a strapless bra, because 
it's hard to get a pump to stay put.
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