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RE: [IPk] To hold insulin pumps under skimpy clothes!?!

Sarah wrote:

>wouldn't like
>to have it [pump] there [in bra] for any jumping up and down exercise
though or jogging.

I have put my pump in my bra for exercise/jumping up and down. I use cross
your heart bras, as recommended by Di! I've never had problems with
slippage. We had great craic in the dressing room the week before I got my
pump. Di helped me select bras that she thought would be suitable, and I
went into the dressing room, tried them on, and jumped up and down like a
mad woman! Don't remember if I put my yoyo in the bra - that's over three
years ago! Luckily there was no one other than us in the shop.

Sarah also mentioned a black tie dinner where she wore her pump in her bra.
These events frustrate me a bit because I generally want to keep a tight eye
on my insulin useage and blood sugars at these events (don't want to go hypo
in front of a client or colleague), but having my pump in my bra makes it
difficult. What we do for fashion!

BTW, most large department stores have a bra fitting service. I'm sure if
you make an appointment and explain what you're looking for, the sales staff
will help you find the perfect pump-holding bra for any event.

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