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Re: [IPk] To hold insulin pumps under skimpy clothes!?!

Hi Sarah
I agree about the bra pouch!
Though I can't figure out how anyone can clip the pump to their bra without 
it showing (I have minimed pump too). Even under a loose Tshirt it still 
shows when I do that, and I'm not particularly small chested. But thinking 
about it some more, I've never tried it with eg a push up bra - that might 
work better because of the way the material hangs over your chest, if you see 
what I mean? I'll have to experiment some more. It's hard to get a pump to 
stay secure inside a bra that has only a narrow strip in the center or inside 
any bra with underwiring 9ie pretty much anything you'd wear under a sexy top 
or dress!

On Tuesday 29 April 2003 13:19, you wrote:
> I looked at a picture of a bra pouch when I was chosing my pump. I have to
> say that my first thought was 'it's designed by a man'! Didn't look like I
> could hide it very well in the pouch at all - it would just sort of dangle
> down! Anyway, had quite a lot of success with clipping (minimed pump) the
> pump to the bit in the centre of my bra between the cups. You can wear
> quite close fitting clothes and suprisingly low cut tops. I also put it
> there when I don't have anywhere else to clip it to and when I'm rowing.
> wouldn't like to have it there for any jumping up and down exercise though
> or jogging. I went to a black tie dinner on fri night and wore my pump
> attached to my bra. Only problem was that I wanted to get to my pump to
> bolus insulin as it was a very long meal. I decided to use the remote
> control but discovered quite how short range it is - must have looked like
> I was zapping my breasts!
> Sarah
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> Hi Lesley
> Do you have a Disetronic pump? If so, that makes sense.
> With the Minimed pump, it lies flat against your clothes. I even sometimes
> clip it inside out, ie so that the clip is on the outside and the pump is
> on the inside, if I want to be more discreet and my skirt isn't mega tight!
> Di
> On Tuesday 29 April 2003 13:02, you wrote:
> > Hello Di
> >
> > It's usually covered up by my top or jacket.  The clip makes it stand out
> > from the waistband, but the pin pocket sits really close to my skirt, and
> > is much more discrete.  I guess it depends on your body shape, somewhat!
> >
> > Best wishes
> >
> > Lesley
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