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RE: [IPk] To hold insulin pumps under skimpy clothes!?!

I looked at a picture of a bra pouch when I was chosing my pump. I have to
say that my first thought was 'it's designed by a man'! Didn't look like I
could hide it very well in the pouch at all - it would just sort of dangle
down! Anyway, had quite a lot of success with clipping (minimed pump) the
pump to the bit in the centre of my bra between the cups. You can wear quite
close fitting clothes and suprisingly low cut tops. I also put it there when
I don't have anywhere else to clip it to and when I'm rowing. wouldn't like
to have it there for any jumping up and down exercise though or jogging.
I went to a black tie dinner on fri night and wore my pump attached to my
bra. Only problem was that I wanted to get to my pump to bolus insulin as it
was a very long meal. I decided to use the remote control but discovered
quite how short range it is - must have looked like I was zapping my

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Hi Lesley
Do you have a Disetronic pump? If so, that makes sense.
With the Minimed pump, it lies flat against your clothes. I even sometimes
clip it inside out, ie so that the clip is on the outside and the pump is on
the inside, if I want to be more discreet and my skirt isn't mega tight!

On Tuesday 29 April 2003 13:02, you wrote:
> Hello Di
> It's usually covered up by my top or jacket.  The clip makes it stand out
> from the waistband, but the pin pocket sits really close to my skirt, and
> is much more discrete.  I guess it depends on your body shape, somewhat!
> Best wishes
> Lesley
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